As a student worker, you are looking for a job where you can earn enough to pay your living costs without overworking yourself. You must split your time between your studies and your career, which means that finding a position that pays well is of utmost importance. 



There are tons of part-time jobs available across the UK to students like you who want to make decent money while also focusing on their work at university. From dog walkers to product testers, photographers to retail managers, explore some of the highest paying student jobs in the UK where you can earn good money and work part-time.  


1. Private Tutor


As a university student, you can put your academic skills to use by becoming a private tutor. There are several great aspects about private tutoring that make it one of the best part-time jobs for students. These benefits include:


  • Global client base
  • In-person and virtual, online tutoring options
  • Wide range of tutoring needs (academic skills, foreign languages, musical instruments, photography, graphic design, etc.) 
  • Variation in student ages (primary school students to adults)
  • Set your own hourly rate, typically between £15 to £30 an hour


If private tutoring isn’t for you, but you enjoy working with students in an academic setting, look into becoming a teaching assistant. If you can work the schedule around your classes, you can utilise your academic skills in the classroom to help students in a more structured setting. Teaching assistants can make up to £20,300 per year, which is an excellent salary for student workers. 





2. Dog Walker


If you love dogs and physical exercise, then dog walking is a great part-time job opportunity. Dogs need to be walked every day, and with an estimated 9 million pet dogs in the UK, there are a considerable number of potential dog-walking clients that you can work with. 



Dog walkers make between £8 and £14 per hour, so your best bet at bringing in good money is by working out a schedule where you walk a few dogs at once. If you gain clients that utilise your services several times per week, you’ll be earning a decent wage in a short amount of time. Plus, you’ll be able to get in your exercise and spend time with a group of adorable canines. 



3. Store Manager


Store managers make around £14,400 per year, which is a good amount for a student working close to part-time. As a store manager, you are responsible for ensuring the store runs smoothly, ordering inventory, doing staff interviews, scheduling employees, and handling nightly deposits. You may become a store manager after working as a sales associate for a little bit or move into the role because of experience. There are many types of stores to consider becoming a manager at, such as convenience stores, retail shops, or even restaurants. 



You need good customer service skills as a store manager, including retaining composure when pressured. This type of skill will come in handy in any position you take after university, so not only does this option pay well, the skills you learn will pay off in the long run. 



4. Nanny/Babysitter


If you like to work with children, nannying or babysitting part-time is a great job for students. Most parents and caregivers are happy to pay a fair rate, between £12 and £15 per child per hour, if you are reliable, consistent, and good with their kids. In addition to the hourly pay, you can reasonably expect that at least one of your meals will be covered, especially if you babysit in the evenings or during lunchtime. If you find the proper nannying position and bond with the family, you may even be asked to work full-time over the summer holidays. 



5. Product Ambassador


If you have a following on social media, becoming a product ambassador can be an excellent choice to bring in extra money as a student. Product ambassadors promote products through their social media accounts and generate sales for the products and brands they promote. You can earn an affiliate commission when you refer your audience to the brand, or you may receive free products. You don’t need any formal qualifications to become a product ambassador, but you’ll want to be strategic in your approach to be successful. The median salary is about £15,020, but this will vary based on your effort and the size of your audience.  




6. Warehouse Worker


For students who are more suited to manual labour jobs, warehouse work may be the way to go. With an average part-time salary of £16,800, this type of job fits in perfectly for students who want to earn money without committing to full-time hours. People who perform warehouse work can expect to process order requests, fill supply orders, operate a forklift, pack boxes, and deliver packages to customers. Many warehouses have flexible hours, allowing students to work evening or morning shifts that fit around their class schedule. 



7. Translator


If you speak more than one language fluently, you can earn money as a translator. International students are especially suited to translator jobs, as they are more likely to know in-demand languages in addition to English. Translators need to have good communication skills and the ability to shift effortlessly between languages. As a student translator, you can choose to work on written projects or provide real-time translation services to businesses or your university. Proficient, reliable translators can earn close to £100 per day, so if you can land a few translating gigs on weekends, you can earn a good amount each month.



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