5 Tips for Maximizing Your Job Search Efforts

by | Dec 19, 2022

Whether you’re just entering the workforce or simply looking for a new position, searching for a new job can feel overwhelming. But with some practical tips from JobsFuel you can plan your job search strategy and boost your chances of success.  


Learn how to maximize your job search efforts and successfully land your ideal position.  


1. Clarify Your Goals

Before you start sending out your resume, establish goals for your job search. If you’re leaving another position, reflect on the positive and negative aspects of that job. Determine the field you want to enter, research it, and create a goal salary. Also consider your goal benefits package, schedule, location, and job title. These details will help you choose a role to pursue. 


Once you have an idea of the role you’d like to fill and your ideal salary, create a timeline for yourself. Job searching can take some time, so set achievable goals. 


2. Optimize Your Resume

Before you start applying, it is important to optimize your resume. If you’ve recently left a position, update your resume to include any responsibilities you had or skills you’ve gained.  


Tailor your experience descriptions to make yourself a more attractive candidate for hiring managers. For example, if you are applying for customer service positions, emphasize your soft skills like communication, teamwork and critical thinking. 


You will improve your chances of landing a job interview by showing you have the skill set and experience necessary to handle the position.


3. Create a Cover Letter Template

You should also create a template for a custom-written cover letter, which you should change for each position. According to a survey performed by ResumeLab, 83% of hiring managers say that cover letters are an important part of their hiring decision. 


Since you will be writing a new cover letter for each position you apply for, create a template. This reduces the time it takes to write each letter. 


Research the company before applying. Learn as much as you can about the company’s culture and goals. This helps you align your cover letter with the needs of the company and increase your chances of making the interview stage.


4. Network and Use Your Existing Relationships

Once you have your resume and cover letter, it is time to start sending out applications. Before you begin perusing internet job listings, reach out to family, friends, and professional acquaintances to see if they know of any job opportunities that would be a great fit for you.  


If they do, the connection you have with the company may move your resume to the top of the pile, increasing your chances of an interview. 

By networking with people you are already close with, you get a low-pressure opportunity to test your personal value proposition (PVP) even if you don’t get an interview. A personal value proposition is a summary of the value you provide to companies. Your PVP is the reason companies should hire you. 


It can be difficult to determine what you are really good at and what separates you from other applicants. Use the feedback you receive from friends and family to optimize your PVP approach for other positions.


5. Expand Your Job Search

Once you reach out to people you know, you can begin to expand your search. JobFuel’s job board search function is a great way to find suitable job listings, so start there. However, it is important to understand that openly-posted positions are more competitive than networked opportunities. Many positions will receive hundreds of applicants, so you’ll need to stand out to land an interview.


You should also apply to as many suitable jobs as possible. By casting a broad net, you can increase your odds of getting your resume in front of the right hiring manager.


Beyond traditional application processes, you can also consider other forms of employer outreach. For example, it can be a good idea to post on social media about your job search, particularly to professionally-focused sites like LinkedIn. This can help you broaden your reach.


You may also benefit from professional networking events like job fairs. These events allow you to meet recruiters face-to-face, but be prepared to have an on-the-spot mini interview with every recruiter you meet.  



6. Follow Up

The application process isn’t over once you submit your application. Since employers often receive hundreds of applications per position, it is easy for your resume to be lost in the shuffle.


If you haven’t heard back from an employer a week after you’ve submitted your application, send a follow up email. In some cases, following up on your application will be enough to separate you from the pack. 


To simplify the follow-up and interview process, use a calendar. Note the days you apply for each job, and create a tickler file with one-week reminders for you to follow up on the application.



Find Your Dream Job with JobsFuel

By following these job searching tips, you can land several interviews and give yourself an opportunity to choose the ideal position. As you search for open positions, check out JobsFuel’s interactive job search function, which can match you with suitable job openings.