Get the Best Temp Jobs in New York City

by | Nov 28, 2022

New York City may be a city of opportunity, but it’s also a city of fierce competition. When even entry-level jobs are snapped up in seconds, the prospect of landing a short-term job can feel bleak. However, temp work isn’t impossible to find; you simply need to know what to do and where to look.


Learn the best ways to get great temp jobs in NYC with JobsFuel.


1. Polish Your Resumé

Whether you’re looking for a temporary or permanent job, it’s always vital to fine-tune your resumé since it leaves the first impression on employers. Ensure that your resumé is neat, up-to-date, and adequately highlights your skills and accomplishments.


2. Search Local Job Boards

Job boards like JobsFuel make it easy to find jobs in your area of NYC. Simply plug in your location and desired job, and you’ll be presented with a selection of open positions that you can apply to. You can also sign up for job alerts to notify you about new positions in the area.


Keep in mind, however, that not every job ad is legitimate. Some people post fake job ads to scam naïve or desperate people out of money. Always watch for signs of a scam, like job ads offering high pay for minimal work or interviewers asking you to send them money.


3. Locate a Temp Agency

Temp agencies usually partner with various companies to fill open positions, making them an excellent way to find short-term work. When you work with a temp agency, you take on roles that typically last a few months and then return to the agency when your job is complete. 


In some cases, however, you can take on a temp-to-hire role, where you can retain the job after the temporary position has finished.


4. Work Part-Time

A significant number of part-time positions are temporary or designed for short-term work. For instance, many positions at restaurants, coffee shops, or stores are part-time. They may not have much upward movement, but they allow you to build soft skills and make money, which makes them a good option for those who aren’t quite ready for a permanent position.



5. Look for Seasonal Positions

As the seasons change, so do the available temp jobs. For example, during the summer, you may be able to take a job as a lifeguard, camp counselor, or tour guide. These jobs are often only available until the end of the season or school break, but they’re an excellent way to make money and potentially network with others in the field.


Some temp positions are available year-round but are in higher demand at certain times of the year. The tourism sector, for instance, often sees an increase in job postings during summertime and the end of the year, which are NYC’s peak tourist seasons. 


6. Browse Social Media

Many people don’t realize that social media can help you locate jobs that don’t make it to job boards. Some companies advertise open positions on their social media pages, and networking with others online can help you discover positions that haven’t been posted elsewhere. 


7. Use Your Skills

Depending on your skills, you may be able to use them creatively or work on a contract or freelance basis. For example, web and UX designers can easily find gig jobs on freelancing websites, translators can pick up work as desired, and programmers or IT specialists can work as consultants. 


With NYC’s multicultural population and many startups, these skills are in constant demand.


Entry-Level Temp Jobs in New York City

We all have to start somewhere in our career. If you’re looking for entry-level temp jobs in NYC, check out some of the most easily accessible temp jobs in the city.


1. Retail Worker

Retailers always need employees to stock shelves and provide high-quality customer service. You can easily find part- or full-time jobs at a grocery store or retail shop at any time of year, though there’s often increased demand for retail employees during summer and year-end holidays. 


These positions often require little experience, so even those without a high school diploma can take on these jobs.


2. Tutor

If you’re skilled in an academic subject, you can likely find a job tutoring those who struggle with that subject, especially during the school year. Requirements for tutoring jobs can vary significantly depending on the agency and your skill level. Some tutoring agencies require a college degree in the relevant field, particularly if you’re tutoring high school or college students. 


The requirements may be less strict if you’re tutoring younger children or working outside of an agency.

3. Hospitality Worker

Hotels and other temporary accommodations require staff to keep operations running smoothly, especially during tourist season. While some positions like hotel management often require an associate’s or Bachelor’s degree, others like housekeeping or bussing tables require only a high school diploma or GED.


4. Background Actor or Extra

New York City provides many opportunities for aspiring actors and those interested in showbiz, like being a background actor in a performance. While being an extra may feel far from stepping into the spotlight, it allows you to meet people within the industry and network, which can help you gain better roles. 


These roles typically require little academic experience, though acting experience is a significant help.


5. Administrative Assistant

Administrative assistants are responsible for administrative tasks within a company or organization, like filing paperwork, taking phone calls, or handling customers and partners of the organization. Many of these roles require an associate’s degree or higher.


In New York City, administrative assistant positions are often available for well-known companies and nonprofit organizations. For example, the United Nations offers temp jobs as an administrative assistant across several departments.


Find Jobs in New York, NY with JobsFuel

Landing a job is difficult anywhere, but especially in a city like NYC. JobsFuel is ready to assist you with the job search process, whether you’re writing your resumé, applying for jobs, or preparing for the interview process


Whether looking for temp jobs or taking the first step towards a permanent career, you can rely on JobsFuel for help. It’s the best way to get started on your career in this bustling city of opportunity.