Retail workers are drawn to seasonal holiday jobs because they offer flexible hours, fill gaps in resumes, and give workers new experiences they can use to gain future work. The jobs available are mostly found in storefronts and fulfillment centers, and nearly all of them involve significant public interaction. 




Why Do Retailers Need Seasonal Staff?


The holiday season is around the corner, and with it comes the busiest quarter of the year for retail businesses. To keep up with consumer demand, retail stores hire seasonal workers to maintain a high quality of service for holiday shoppers.   


Walmart plans to hire 150,000 or more workers nationwide this holiday season. This is in addition to hiring 20,000 supply chain workers. Target plans to hire 100,000 with a starting rate of $15 an hour as retail sales rebound due to holiday shopping.  


Given the demand in online shopping and online orders, UPS and FedEx are targeting a combined total of 190,000 seasonal workers to help deliver goods to people’s doorsteps.     


What is a Seasonal Retail Worker?


There are a variety of seasonal retail jobs available. From cashier to stocker to customer service representative, you can find seasonal retail sales positions in various capacities.  




Cashiers are responsible for handling payment for merchandise at retail stores. They are paid an hourly wage that varies by state but which is usually close to minimum wage. Each retailer determines the number of hours you work. 


Generally, overtime and holiday pay are common during the holiday season. Post-pandemic, many retailers are offering sign-on bonuses and generous employee discounts on their merchandise to recruit sufficient staff.  




Stockers prepare displays and stock the shelves of warehouses and retail stores. They are paid about $2 more than minimum wage, although it varies from state to state.


Stocker’s responsibilities vary significantly depending on the kind of store, warehouse, or fulfillment center that employs them. Stockers specifically can benefit from having specific warehouse certifications. A forklift certification, for instance, can net a seasonal stocker a higher paying job and more responsibilities. 



Sales Associates

If you have an outgoing personality, becoming a sales associate may be the ideal seasonal job. They greet and assist customers with their in-store shopping. Sales associates usually get paid just above minimum wage, but sometimes they are also paid on commission. 



Customer Service Representatives

If you are friendly, an effective communicator, and a good problem solver, you may consider working as a customer service representative. Customer service representatives provide service and product information and resolve problems. They may also process exchanges and returns.  


A customer service representative can be paid up to $20 per hour



Gift Wrappers

Many retail stores and malls offer gift wrapping services throughout the holiday season.  A gift wrapper uses a variety of materials to perfectly present a wrapped gift for the customer. They are typically paid minimum wage or work for tips.  



What Qualifications Do Holiday Retail Workers Need?


Retailers offering seasonal jobs provide on-the-job training to get seasonal hires ready for their work responsibilities. Depending on the products being sold, the training includes important information about the products, sales techniques, and how to manage transactions. All jobs include customer service training, as it is an essential part of the holiday retail worker experience.


Holiday retail jobs typically ask for experience more than specific qualifications. However, even if you have no past retail experience, you can still find numerous seasonal work opportunities. 




How to Craft a Resume for a Holiday Season Retail Job


Most seasonal retail jobs do not require qualifications like a college degree or certifications but review the job description closely to ensure you are a good fit for the position. 


In most cases, your resume should focus on soft skills. Soft skills include communication skills, teamwork, time management, and conflict resolution. 


To effectively highlight these on your resume, front-load them to the top of the page. This could mean listing soft skills gained during any relevant work experience or schoolwork. 


High-school or college applicants with no work experience should write about the soft skills they developed on sports teams, youth clubs, or during extra-curricular activities.  




Are There Opportunities for Career Growth?


Career growth from holiday hiring work is limited. The seasonal jobs are done when the busy holiday season is over. Holiday retail jobs still offer career benefits, however. 


Seasonal jobs may result in full-time positions if your employer is impressed with your performance and has a permanent opening. Working seasonally also provides you with valuable experience that will make getting hired somewhere else easier. 




Find a Holiday Retail Job Now


Holiday retail jobs are an exciting way to earn extra cash over the holidays and boost your resume with work experience in a high-pressure environment. 


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