With the busiest shipping season of the year on the horizon, companies are looking for workers to help with all their shipping needs. Shipping associates, including seasonal freight associate positions, are often seasonal positions that pay well and offer flexible hours, including temporary full-time or part-time positions.

Competition for seasonal work is often fierce, so you’ll need to sell your skills and qualifications to potential employers to get noticed. Your resume should focus on your organizational skills and physical labor experience.




What is a Shipping Associate? 

As a shipping associate, you will be responsible for the incoming and outgoing packages for retail businesses or warehouses. You will have to accurately and efficiently package customers’ orders for shipment and keep precise records of outgoing products. Responsibilities of the job include:

  • Preparing accurate shipping labels 
  • Packaging goods to minimize the risk of damage 
  • Keeping track of ingoing and outgoing shipments 
  • Verifying the arrival of products 
  • Collaborating and communicating with customer service reps, service providers, and logistics technicians 

The holiday season is the busiest time for commercial businesses, providing plenty of overtime opportunities. When applying, emphasize skills that align with the job description to demonstrate your understanding of what the position demands.  Being able to work in a fast-paced environment, managing multiple tasks at the same time and staying on top of deadlines are all useful skills for this role. You should also have excellent organizational skills, be detail-oriented and have some basic knowledge of shipping practices. Having experience with warehouse management systems is highly beneficial. Be sure to highlight your customer service skills, as many of these positions involve working directly with customers. With the right attitude and focus, you can help make sure that stores are fully stocked in time for the holiday rush! 


Necessary Skills 

The role of a shipping associate often requires significant physical stamina because of the long days spent standing and lifting shipping materials. A shipping associate must pay attention to detail when creating and applying packaging labels for shipping orders and tracking inventory. 

Precise record-keeping is essential for shipping associates because the work is based on getting products to the correct customer on time. The education section of your resume is a good place to highlight some experience with organization and logistics. List any courses you have completed that required knowledge of Excel or other relevant software programs.  

Since communication is key in the shipping department, be sure to include any group projects or activities that required extensive collaboration with other teams. Shipping associates should also have a strong sense of customer service and satisfaction to ensure customers are receiving the right order on time. Technical skills like knowledge of basic computer programs can go a long way when applying for this role. Lastly, research the company you are applying to and mention any special skills or qualifications in your cover letter that would be relevant to their particular industry. With this information, employers will have a better idea of how you could benefit their team. 


Shipping associates must also understand all safety regulations and procedures related to shipping products. This involves taking proper precautions to package items correctly and within the necessary timeframe. Knowing how to use shipping software and other technological tools can be beneficial as well. In addition, you should also possess excellent communication skills. As a shipping associate, you will need to communicate clearly with customers via email or phone, as well as with other departments or colleagues in order to successfully complete your job. Being organized, detail-oriented and proactive are also important qualities to possess in this role. Shipping associates should be able to think ahead and anticipate any issues that may arise throughout the process. Finally, you will need to be willing to work flexible hours since some shipments must go out during late-night or weekend shifts. With these skills, shipping associates are essential in the successful day-to-day operations of any business. 


Working as a shipping associate can be physically demanding, especially within the warehouse environment. You will need to be able to stand and walk throughout your shift, as well as lift packages that may weigh up to 50 lbs or more. Good problem-solving skills are also necessary to ensure shipments are handled in a timely manner. Additionally, it is important that you can read and comprehend instructions accurately in order to provide effective customer service. 


Having a good understanding of the company’s products and services is especially beneficial when working as a shipping associate. Understanding how different departments work together will help you recognize any potential risks and be able to come up with solutions in a timely manner. Familiarity with industry standards will also help you identify areas of improvement and recommend solutions for increased safety and efficiency. 


The ability to collaborate effectively is essential for successful shipping operations. Working as part of a team, it’s important that you can communicate clearly with your colleagues, recognize any individual or team strengths and weaknesses, and identify opportunities for improvement. You’ll need to be able to work with a range of people in different departments while maintaining productive working relationships. 


Organizational skills are key when working as a shipping associate. It’s important that you can track shipments efficiently and keep up with order processing deadlines. You’ll also need to be able to manage paperwork, from ensuring accurate labeling and documentation to confirming customer specifications are met. Attention to detail is essential in this role as any errors can result in costly delays, so you must follow procedures precisely and double-check all data for accuracy. 


Finally, shipping associates should have a proactive approach to their work and be able to identify opportunities for improvement. You could proactively review the systems used to manage orders and make tweaks or improvements where necessary, as well as suggest new processes that will help ensure shipments are fulfilled quickly and accurately. Additionally, you should look for any safety issues in the workplace and take appropriate action if needed.





Education and Additional Qualifications


Most shipping associates in entry-level positions have a high school diploma or General Education Development (GED) equivalent. If you are interested in applying for a senior-level shipping and receiving part, the employer may require 2-5 years of experience in the field. 

Since job searching is becoming increasingly competitive, it always helps to have an edge over the competition. You can set yourself apart from other applicants for shipping associate roles by acquiring certifications and completing relevant courses to add to your resume.  

Safety is paramount when it comes to shipping and receiving, so you should have a good understanding of the safety procedures in place at your workplace. Additionally, you should look for any safety issues in the workplace and take appropriate action if needed. This could involve identifying unsafe equipment or practices and reporting them to the appropriate personnel. It’s also important that you are aware of any regulations or standards related to the materials being shipped and received, as non-compliance can have serious consequences.

When it comes to handling shipments, it’s essential that you practice good communication with all involved parties. This means staying in regular contact with shippers and receivers before, during, and after a shipment is sent or received. You should also keep accurate records of all shipments and document any issues that come up during the process. Finally, make sure to perform regular safety checks on all equipment used in the shipping and receiving process to ensure it’s functioning properly. By following these practices, you can ensure a safe and efficient shipping experience for your company. 


Opportunities for Career Growth 

Seasonal roles as a shipping associate can provide a great springboard for future employment opportunities related to shipping and receiving duties, stock organization, or inventory management. 

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A final thought :

Remember, the holidays can be a busy time for businesses and it’s important to ensure that all orders are shipped out quickly and securely. With the right skills in shipping and logistics, you can make sure that customers receive their orders on time and with ease. By taking on a seasonal job as a shipping associate, you acquire valuable experience in the industry and help to make the holiday season a success. Visit Jobsfuel.com today to find seasonal emplacement opportunities that mesh with your qualifications – and make this holiday season one of joy, prosperity, and fulfillment.

Happy Holidays!  🙂

**Wishing you the best of luck in all your job searches