With the busiest shipping season of the year on the horizon, companies are looking for workers to help with all their shipping needs. Shipping associates are often seasonal positions that pay well and offer flexible hours, including temporary full-time or part-time positions. 


Competition for seasonal work is often fierce, so you’ll need to sell your skills and qualifications to potential employers if you want to get noticed. Your resume should focus on your organizational skills and physical labor experience.  




What is a Shipping Associate? 


As a shipping associate, you will be responsible for the incoming and outgoing packages for retail businesses or warehouses. You will have to accurately and efficiently package customers’ orders for shipment and keep precise records of outgoing products. Responsibilities of the job include:


  • Preparing accurate shipping labels 
  • Packaging goods to minimize the risk of damage 
  • Keeping track of ingoing and outgoing shipments 
  • Verifying the arrival of products 
  • Collaborating and communicating with customer service reps, service providers, and logistics technicians 


The holiday season is the busiest time for commercial businesses, providing plenty of overtime opportunities. When applying, emphasize skills that align with the job description to demonstrate your understanding of what the position demands. 




Necessary Skills 


The role of a shipping associate often requires significant physical stamina because of the long days spent standing and lifting shipping materials. A shipping associate must pay attention to detail when creating and applying packaging labels for shipping orders and tracking inventory. 


Precise record-keeping is extremely important for shipping associates because the work is based on getting products to the correct customer on time. The education section of your resume is a good place to highlight some experience with organization and logistics. List any courses you have completed that required knowledge of Excel or other relevant software programs.





Education and Additional Qualifications


Most shipping associates in entry-level positions have a high school diploma or General Education Development (GED) equivalent. If you are interested in applying for a senior level shipping and receiving position, the employer may require 2-5 years of experience in the field. 


Since job searching is becoming increasingly competitive, it always helps to have an edge over the competition. You can set yourself apart from other applicants for shipping associate roles by acquiring certifications and completing relevant courses to add to your resume. 




Opportunities for Career Growth 


Seasonal roles as a shipping associate can provide a great springboard for future employment opportunities related to shipping and receiving duties, stock organization, or inventory management. 


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