Summer is a great time to gain experience and make some extra money. While you are job seeking, you may find many summer jobs available in New York City, including those in city government, restaurants, and more. 


Besides these entry-level or no-experience jobs, New York City is also full of summer internship opportunities allowing you to bring your knowledge from the classroom to the boardroom. By understanding what these summer jobs have to offer, you can decide which one is right for you. 



Types of Summer Jobs in New York


You can find a variety of part-time entry-level summer jobs in New York City. There are plenty of opportunities depending on your interests and skill set, whether you want to work with the government or show tourists around this great city. 



Tour Guide


Working as a tour guide in New York City lets you share your knowledge and enthusiasm for the city with tourists during the summer. Tour guides showcase the city’s famous landmarks and tell stories about its architecture and history. They can also share recommendations for dining and entertainment in New York City.


To become a tour guide in New York City, you must be at least 18 years old, pay a fee, and pass a sightseeing guide exam in person in Manhattan. You will then be licensed as a sightseeing guide by the New York City Department of Consumer & Worker Protection (DCWP)


All sightseeing guide licenses expire on March 31 of an even-numbered year and must be renewed every two years, regardless of when the license was issued.





Working as a lifeguard at a New York City public pool during the summer is a demanding and rewarding summer job that allows you to work with millions of New Yorkers. Throughout the summer, lifeguards can gain valuable first aid, leadership, and communication skills


There are only 1,400 lifeguards for New York City’s public pools every summer, making it a competitive application process. All lifeguard applicants must be at least 16 years old and pass the Qualifying Test, including eyesight and swimming tests. 


If you pass the qualifying exam, you begin the Lifeguard Training Program. Upon completing the training program, you will be required to pass both the written and swimming tests to become a qualified lifeguard.



Restaurant Service


If you want to enter the hospitality industry and enjoy socializing with people, working in a restaurant may be ideal. New York City’s fast-paced restaurant industry will give you ample opportunities to try new cuisines and work in various venues. You can also suggest the restaurant’s food specials and provide a welcoming experience to new or returning customers.


If you can handle the guest flow and juggle phone calls while completing other duties, you might also want to consider working as a host or hostess. The job lets you improve your communication and negotiation skills.



Parks and Recreation Seasonal Jobs


New York City’s Department of Parks and Recreation maintains thousands of parks throughout the summer and requires extra personnel during the peak summer season. New York City parks can have seasonal jobs, such as trail maintenance workers, fitness instructors, and playground associates, to ensure children can safely play at city parks.


If you want to support animal welfare and bring an excellent customer experience, summer is the best time to work in New York City’s four zoos like the Central Park Zoo, the Bronx Zoo, the Queens Zoo, and Prospect Park Zoo. You can also look for work in the New York Aquarium in Brooklyn. These locations employ seasonal restaurant associates as well as tour guides and zoo staff.




Retail Sales Associate


The city’s major retailers and other businesses hire summer staff to handle the influx of tourists visiting during the summer months. You can check any stores near you to see whether there are any open summer retail sales associate positions. 


As well as national and international chains, New York City has many local boutique shops that sell unique goods and services. You can find a store whose mission and way of doing business resonates with your values and apply as a summer retail sales associate.



Summer Internships


Summer internship opportunities abound in New York City, with companies hiring for positions such as finance and marketing. You’ll interact with coworkers from diverse backgrounds and learn how to bring your work ethic and education to the workplace during your internship. 


Some of the best summer internships include opportunities across numerous sectors, including media with openings at Showtime, HBO, and Disney; finance at CitiBank; or IPG Mediabrands if you’re interested in marketing. Working in this kind of summer internship provides you with the opportunity to build contacts that may lead to a future job. 



Virtual Internships


New York City companies are hiring for online work experiences in the form of virtual summer internships. A virtual internship is a work-from-home part-time entry-level position that offers flexibility in your schedule. 


Through a virtual internship, you can complete online work from home while collaborating closely with the company’s employees and expanding your skill set. 


According to a survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, employers find that virtual internships have helped them reach a wider pool of talent and diversify their workforces. 



Find Your Next Summer Job in New York City


There are so many entry-level job options in New York City throughout the summer; you are sure to find an opportunity to suit your interests in one of the most exciting and vibrant cities in the world. 


Whether you’re searching for a part-time job to supplement your income or for a virtual internship to expand your skills, there are plenty of opportunities you can find online with an organized job search. 


If you want to explore more jobs that match your specific skills and interests, you can sign up for job alerts with JobsFuel. With JobsFuel, you can discover the perfect place to work and find your next summer job in New York City.