Summer is the perfect time for college students to spend time with friends and have fun before college classes start up again. It is also a chance to get some experience working and making extra money while doing something you enjoy. If you spend your summer working, you can also add some content to your resume to better your chances of landing a job after graduation. 



The summer provides opportunities on many other levels, like getting work experience and networking with people who can help further your career goals. College students looking for summer jobs while on a break can find some fun part-time opportunities using online job search resources. 



Tutor Students 


Tutoring young students struggling in school can be one of the most satisfying experiences during your summer break. Consider becoming an online tutor with a tutoring company or local non-profit organizations. You can also ask your family and friends to suggest young students who need additional academic help.



Social Media Manager


Many college students are savvy social media experts. Local business owners are looking for social media managers who are up-to-date on technology, social media trends, and pop culture. Social media managers assist business owners with their online presence and digital marketing, saving them time so they can focus on other aspects of their business.



If you enjoy using social media and you want to work independently, working as a social media manager may be the right summer job for you. You may even find remote social media manager jobs that you can continue doing when you return to school in the fall. 



Remote Event Planner


With the rise of online webinars, virtual conferences, and live wedding streams, event planning has evolved and requires someone tech-savvy. You may get some part-time or contract work doing event planning for small companies or assisting with organizing larger events taking place virtually. 



Remote event planners need to help coordinate technological logistics, such as scheduling webinars and helping participants log into their webinars. College students may be interested in this type of work since these positions require technical expertise and creativity, organizational skills, and dedication to customer service. 






With summer in full swing, there are plenty of opportunities for hard-working swimmers to become lifeguards. College students can find lifeguard openings at public beaches, local resorts, and neighborhood pools. These jobs provide excellent opportunities to improve your fitness and help people stay safe.



Lifeguard jobs require taking lifeguard and water safety training classes, being in good physical shape, and knowing how to swim. They also require CPR certification and knowledge of AED administration. Lifeguard requirements may vary by local and state regulations, so check what is needed before applying for summer lifeguard positions. 



Summer Camp Counselor


Children need lots of help becoming leaders in their lives and forming bonds with others. However, a summer camp counselor job might be ideal for college students who like working with children. College students can find many sleep-away or day camps that appeal to their interests, from sports camps to special-needs camps or niche programs like science camps. 



Academic summer camps provide an opportunity to tutor young students in your area of college studies. Camp requirements may also call for prior experience working with children, a background check, and CPR certification. 





College students interested in plants and flowers and who enjoy spending time outside may find working as a summer landscaper is engaging and rewarding. Summer is the peak season for gardening and backyard design projects. 



Students studying the trades or agriculture will excel in these roles but must be willing to work hard for long hours under the hot summer sun. 




Nanny or Babysitter


College students who enjoy working with families can become nannies or babysitters during the summer to care for children while their parents are at work. They can take the children out for the day, tutor them, and stay outdoors all summer. 



Many parents and babysitting agencies require college students to have a valid driver’s license, a high school diploma, and a criminal background check. Some agencies and families may also require babysitting training that includes child care basics for infants and children, plus CPR certifications. 



Pet Sitter


College students who love working with animals should consider becoming pet sitters. Families and young professionals are working and taking vacations during the summer months and will certainly be looking for quality pet care. Dog walkers may walk one or more dogs at a time, giving you plenty of exercise and a chance to spend time in local parks. 



Pet sitters can also look after cats by feeding them and engaging them in play. You can also find pet sitter opportunities taking care of small mammals like gerbils, birds, reptiles, and fish. Caring for animals requires a compassionate and confident individual who is comfortable interacting with other people’s pets. 



Food Service


Getting a summer food service job as a barista, waiter, or waitress may not sound glamorous, but it can help college students develop social skills and a strong work ethic. You may also have the opportunity at your food establishment to learn about new cuisines and earn tips on top of your average hourly pay. Those who want to work in the hospitality industry after graduation can improve their customer service skills and get relevant experience through food service jobs, ultimately benefiting their future careers. 



Sales Associate


College students with a knack for persuasion and helpfulness can thrive as summer sales associates, whether at a retail store, pop-up boutique, or seasonal outdoors shop. You can help customers find what they need, which is rewarding and fun. 



Sales positions have varying responsibilities depending on the employer: some work full-time commission-based jobs while others may only offer part-time jobs. Sales associate positions can be ideal for those interested in business, finance, or marketing since they require you to develop a transferable set of soft skills.



Find Your Next Summer Job


There are many great options for college students looking for a summer job before the next school year starts. Whether you want to manage social media accounts for a business or wait tables, make sure your summer employment goals align with your studies and interests. can help you connect with employers looking for people like you to fill their summer openings.