London is a fantastic destination to have fun and enjoy the holidays for tourists and locals alike. With lavish decorations, pantomimes, busy shoppers, and a sense of cheerfulness in the air, it’s no wonder people from across the globe flock here during the holiday season. 


Retailers, restaurants, and tourism companies are all looking to hire as the Christmas season approaches to keep up with the demand. Your next job could be at a busy retail store, a fantastical pantomime show, the front desk of a bustling hotel, or serving drinks at a festive holiday party.



Look for Part-Time Retail Jobs


Market research shows that retail is currently one of the top employers in London, and as Christmas shopping begins, the demand for retail employees will grow even more. You can find work as a:




Gift Wrapper


Do you have an eye for design and a passion for spreading holiday cheer? A seasonal position as a gift wrapper at a retail store could be the perfect part-time job for you. 


The task is simple and offers plenty of opportunities to get creative with your colour combinations and ribbon tying. You’ll need some level of artistic ability to succeed in this position; customers will expect their wrapped gifts to look like they’re straight out of Santa’s workshop. 



Personal Shopper 


If you’re a shopaholic, the holidays are the perfect time to get paid for your habits. Apply for full-time or part-time positions at retail stores or respond to private listings requesting assistance shopping for holiday gifts. 


Elderly people who cannot navigate the shopping centres may seek assistance purchasing gifts for their grandchildren, while busy young professionals may prefer to pay you to do their bidding rather than spare the time themselves. 


This is a fun job that lets you get into the spirit of the season, earn some extra cash, and bring joy to others. 





Many stores hire extra cashiers for the holiday season to avoid long lineups at check out and free up their more skilled associates to help on the sales floor. Landing a temporary cashier position over the holidays can give you a boost on your resume when it’s time to hunt for summer jobs. You’ll learn plenty of transferable skills while working in a fast-paced environment. 


Each of these jobs offers different levels of pay and responsibility, and there may be opportunities for overtime and holiday pay. Communication skills, conflict resolution, and teamwork are examples of soft skills you’ll need to excel in these roles. 




Step into the London Food Scene 


Massive family gatherings and luxurious office holiday parties mean there are lots of opportunities for restaurant holiday work.


Experience and soft skills are the primary qualifications in the restaurant industry. You may also need a food or alcohol handlers permit, depending on your job. The jobs are fast-paced and customer service-oriented, so staying organised and calm in this environment is necessary to ensure the highest quality of service. 



Bar Staff 


If you have a permit to serve alcohol and are 16 or 17 years of age or older, depending on the establishment, there are plenty of seasonal bar staff positions at pubs and party venues across London. Besides stage bars and sporting venues, you can apply to work at various event spaces, hotels, and other facilities where Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties are hosted. 



Waiting Staff 


If you’ve had summer holiday jobs as a waiter in the past, you’ll easily secure a role as wait staff at a London restaurant during the Christmas season. Even with no prior experience, waiters typically excel with basic on-the-job training. Submit your resume to pubs, coffee shops, and hotels to better your chances of landing an interview. 



Kitchen Staff


Customer-facing roles aren’t appealing to everyone. If you’ve never worked in the restaurant industry before or simply prefer to be behind the scenes, a kitchen job is a great choice for the holidays. 


Besides busy restaurants that may require additional dishwashers, you can try your luck working for catering companies that are preparing large quantities of food for holiday festivities. 



Hospitality and Tourism Jobs


London is a popular tourist destination, receiving about 30 million visitors from around the world each year. If you’re looking for a holiday job in the booming hospitality industry, start your search early. 



Hotel Staff 


There are wide-ranging jobs available at London hotels. A hotel receptionist is responsible for greeting guests, checking them in, and being the face of the hotel. A hotel housekeeper ensures that rooms are clean and ready for new guests or returning guests. 



Tour Guide 


If you’re hoping to get hired in London for a tourism position, there are some critical skills you’ll need to exhibit on your resume. You may require knowledge of the city, its history, or simply some prior customer service experience.




Entertainment Part-Time Work


If you’re a creative person, there are many ways to make money in the arts over the holidays, especially in a tourist hub like London. 



Pantomime Performer 


Audition for the famous London pantomime shows that everyone looks forward to this time of year. There are roles for all ages. The size of the role you audition for will likely determine your time commitment to the show. Expect to attend rehearsals, tech and dress rehearsals, and of course, the performance dates. 





If you have a knack for crafting, painting, knitting, or other unique endeavours, consider getting a booth at one of the many holiday markets in London. You can show off your talents and make some extra cash in the process. 




Your Holiday Job is a Search Away


London is a hub for retail, food, hospitality, and tourism, so there is no better time to find a holiday job in one of those fields. Make the search for your holiday job as simple as possible with simple job search tool


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