Part-time work is an excellent opportunity to supplement your income or establish a better work-life balance. There are numerous part-time occupations available, from remote work to in-person jobs.


Cities that support part-time jobs should have good internet for remote employment, a low cost of living relative to its average wages, and fast-growing industries that hire part-time workers. 


Discover the best cities to find and work part-time jobs in the U.S.




Cities with the Best High-Quality Internet for Remote Work




Remote part-time jobs are gaining popularity due to the massive social and economic upheaval of the last two years. Customer service representatives, content writers, social media assistants, and transcriptionists are just a few examples of jobs that allow employees to work from home. 


However, you must have a consistent high-speed internet connection to work a remote job. The following cities offer some of the fastest internet connections available and the most affordable real estate options. This makes them perfect for those who work part-time jobs from home.




Weirton, West Virginia


For those looking for an east-coast location, Weirton is an affordable option. It offers gigabyte internet for as little as $80 a month. The average house price is $99,000, according to


Beyond its housing affordability and internet quality, Weirton is only a 40-minute drive to Pittsburgh. You can visit the Andy Warhol Museum, Carnegie Science Center, take in a Steelers game, catch the Pittsburgh Pirates at PNC Park or walk Canton Avenue, the steepest street in the United States.   


Weirton has a community college if you are interested in learning new skills to improve your hireability. It is also located near Tomlinson Run State Park so you can get out and enjoy nature when you aren’t working.




Montour Falls, New York


New York is not just home to one of the biggest metropolitan cities in the world; the state also boasts charming rural areas. Montour Falls is a small town in central New York that offers big city internet speeds. 


Its average home value is $153,000, which is exceptionally affordable when compared to the big cities of New York.


Montour Falls has 1,600 full-time residents who get to enjoy the Shequaga Falls at the end of West Main Street. It’s also close to wineries and a lakefront. The town is in the Finger Lakes district of New York and is a quick drive to Ithaca and Corning.




Roswell, New Mexico


The city that is home to much alien lore also boasts fiber optic internet for $70 a month and average home values of $128,000. Roswell is home to 50,000 people and is a popular tourist destination.


Roswell has a bird sanctuary, multiple state parks, alien-themed tourist attractions, and an extension of Eastern New Mexico University. If you want to move out of a large city to a unique location, Roswell provides the internet infrastructure and the culture to support you.




Macon, Georgia


You can find affordable southern living in Macon, Georgia. Cox Communications offers gigabyte internet speeds, and the average cost of a house is $115,000. It is a medium-sized city, with a population of 150,000.


Macon is home to Mercer University and Middle Georgia State University if you want to continue your education while working part-time. Atlanta is an hour away for all your big city needs. The college town also has plenty of bars and coffee shops where you can socialize.




Bisbee, Arizona


If you prefer living in the western part of the United States, Bisbee is an affordable option. It has gigabyte speed internet plans to support your remote work, and its average home price comes to $150,000, according to 


Bisbee is a small, rural town with a population of only 5,000 people. At 5,000 feet elevation, it alleviates some of the intense Arizona heat and is only 10 miles from the Mexican-American border. 


Bisbee is home to art galleries and tourist attractions due to its proximity to Tucson, an hour and a half away. It is perfect for those seeking a rural lifestyle while keeping their remote part-time job.




Best Cities for In-Person Part-Time Work



Many people prefer to find an in-person job rather than remote working. The best cities for part-time job seekers are those with a growing job market and a low cost of living. 


A fast-growing job market creates job opportunities in retail, hospitality, and other industries that hire part-time workers. Plus, these cities offer opportunities for career development because of their fast job growth.




Raleigh, North Carolina


Raleigh is part of the quickly developing research triangle in North Carolina. It has experienced 16% job growth since 2014. Due to its recent acquisition of an Amazon distribution center, many shipping and stocking positions are available. 


The hospitality and construction industries are connected to the growth of the technology industry. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports an increase of 5,000 hospitality workers and an increase of 15,000 mining and construction workers since 2014. In Raleigh, part-time jobs are plentiful because of the growing economy.


The average cost of a house in Raleigh is $381,000, slightly above the median house price in the U.S. Despite this, 70% of housing in Raleigh demands 30% or less of workers’ salaries. This may be due to the 45% increase in wages since 2014.


Raleigh is close to many universities which offer opportunities for career development. The research triangle area has many bars, museums, and even a minor league baseball team. This growing region is perfect for a part-time worker looking to get into a career soon.




Daphne, Alabama


This Southern city is affordable and is growing fast. Daphne has a population of only 25,000 people, but it has seen an increase in job growth of 18% since 2014. Its primary industries are education, retail, and healthcare. These industries offer part-time positions such as a substitute teacher and retail store cashier. 


Its housing market averages $265,000 for a home. Daphne is a beachfront town that supports a booming tourist industry and gives locals a beautiful view. Auburn University is only five miles away from the city, and New Orleans is only a two-and-a-half-hour drive away. If you want to work a part-time job in a small town with a lot of amenities, then Daphne is the place for you.




Sioux Falls, South Dakota


The largest city in South Dakota offers the most opportunities for good part-time jobs and affordable living. Sioux Falls has seen an 8% job growth since 2014. The average price of a house in Sioux Falls is $270,000.


The largest industries are banking and healthcare. Bank tellers and medical billers are a couple of examples of part-time jobs available in these industries. 


The city is expected to continue to grow because of the business-friendly tax codes. Service, hospitality, and construction jobs are large part-time work employers. 


Sioux Falls has beautiful river parks, a butterfly house, an aquarium, and multiple museums. There are two universities and a technical college in Sioux Falls. The population center of South Dakota is right for you if you can handle the cold and enjoy the beauty of the great planes.




Palm Bay, Florida



Palm bay is a mid-sized city in Florida that has experienced steady job growth for the last five years. Its job market has grown 17% since 2014. Palm Bay’s average home value is $250,000, according to


The economy is supported primarily by aerospace and defense industries and offers a lot of retail and hospitality work. It is a beachfront city that brings in tourists and creates part-time tourism jobs as well.


The beach is within walking distance from any point in the city, which adds to the quality of life. If you are looking for a work-life balance that involves growing part-time work opportunities and sandy beaches, then Palm Bay is right for you.




Gainesville, Georgia


Gainesville is a growing city near Atlanta that is known as the poultry capital of the world. It is home to many meat processing plants and farm machinery manufacturers. Part-time work is available in these plants and the hospitality industry. The city has seen 17% job growth since 2014. The average cost of a home in Gainesville is $297,000.


Atlanta is a one-hour drive from Gainesville, making it a commutable distance for workers. One-third of the city’s population works in Atlanta. The access to Atlanta’s job market paired with affordable living makes Gainesville an excellent option for part-time workers.


Gainesville is 20 miles from the University of North Georgia which offers affordable secondary education. The city is home to a visual arts center, a state park, and a natural science center. Gainesville is an excellent city for a part-time worker looking to be close to Atlanta and nature at the same time.




Get a Part-Time Job in the Right City for You


From the Southwest to central New York, many cities support part-time workers. Some cities have great internet and a low cost of living to accommodate remote work positions. Others provide excellent opportunities for career development and fast-growing job markets that support part-time workers. 


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