Part-time jobs are an opportunity to enter the workforce in a low-stress environment. Remote part-time jobs offer work from the comfort of your own home. Low-stress jobs outside of the home let you work with nature or work independently at your own pace to get the job done. 


Discover the huge range of occupations available to minimize work-related stress, and help you find part-time work to kickstart your career or supplement your income. 




Remote Work Jobs


A lot of work from home jobs are low-stress because you can control your work environment. It can help promote a better work-life balance due to the lack of commute time, flexible work schedule, and the easy access to the amenities in your home. There are plenty of remote part-time jobs that allow for a relaxed workday. 


Customer Service Representative


A customer service representative is the face of the company when a customer needs assistance. Duties consist of answering phone calls and writing emails to customers that need help with your company’s products or services. 


You will need to be proficient with oral and written communication. Most of these jobs require a high school diploma as their only formal qualification. 


The average pay for a part-time customer service representative is between $13 and $19 per hour, depending on your location.






Working as a transcriptionist could be for you if you want to work from home with minimal customer or colleague interaction. The job entails transcribing audio messages into a document. 


Medical, legal, and corporate businesses commonly use transcription services. You must work confidentially because of the sensitive nature of the documents you may transcribe. The job does not require formal education but must have a minimum typing speed of around 60-80 error-free words per minute.


The median salary for a transcriptionist is $15.26 an hour.




Data Entry Clerk


As a data entry clerk, you will handle company data on customers, finances, and much more. You must have great attention to detail, be willing to work confidentially, and have a strong understanding of computer programs.


Data entry clerk positions require a high school degree for entry-level positions. On-the-job training is common, so work experience is not always necessary. 


The average compensation for this job is $16 an hour.




Content Writer


Content writers work with companies to write online content, such as web pages, product descriptions, blogs, FAQs, and social media copy. 


Content writers must have strong writing skills and the ability to meet deadlines. For most part-time content writing positions, only a high school education is required, but it depends on your writing industry.  


Entry-level content writers are paid $18 an hour on average.




Market Researcher/Phone Survey Administer



A market researcher looks into consumer trends and communicates their findings to a company. The research can help the company make marketing and other business decisions. Often, a large part of the job will be calling consumers to ask them survey questions about the company and its products or services. Some market researching jobs are composed entirely of phone survey administration.


For some market research analyst positions, a bachelor’s degree in marketing or statistics is required. These jobs have the advantage of leading to full-time positions if you are interested in that career path. The jobs that primarily conduct phone surveys will usually only require a GED. 


The different levels of education lead to different average wages. A market research job that requires a bachelor’s degree is relatively high-paying and has average pay of $22 an hour. A phone survey conductor with a high school diploma can expect to be paid around $11 to $15 an hour.




Social Media Assistant


Many companies need social media help and are hiring part-time, remote social media assistants. Your responsibilities are to help create a unified social media presence by making posts, adding to campaigns surrounding products and services, and interacting with customers on various platforms.


The job requires an understanding of multiple social media platforms, excellent written and oral communication, and sometimes secondary education in relevant fields such as marketing. Your own well-curated social media presence can act as a portfolio which you can include as part of your resume.


The average pay per hour for a social media assistant is $15.61, and the wage range is $12 to $19 an hour.




In-Person Part-Time Work


In-person jobs give you the chance to make friends with coworkers, meet new people in the public, and get out of the house. In-person work can also minimize distractions that can affect productivity. There are numerous in-person part-time jobs available, including:




Library Assistant


If you are a quiet, organized, and helpful individual, consider working as a library assistant. You will help guests research by using the library’s research computer hardware. Library assistants have to keep the library organized and keep accurate records of the library’s inventory.


A qualified applicant for a library assistant has a high school diploma and work experience in a library. Since this is an entry-level job, the work experience may come from volunteering or an internship. 


The average pay for a library assistant is $15 an hour.




Pet Sitter/Animal Caretaker


If interacting with animals sounds more stress-free than dealing with people, consider becoming a pet sitter. As a pet sitter, you are responsible for the safety and activities of the pets and some general upkeep of the pet’s (and pet owner’s) home. 


Responsibilities include walking dogs, feeding animals, cleaning litter boxes, animal grooming, and administering medication. 


The application process for becoming a pet sitter is very thorough. You will be subject to background checks and long interviews. Your references will need to be professional. This is because companies need to know you are trustworthy if they are going to send you into a customer’s home. 


Secondary education is not required. The most common qualification is experience with your own or other pets in the past. 


The pay ranges from minimum wage to $19 an hour. The average pay is $12 an hour.







Becoming a baker is a great option for those who like to wake up early and finish their work by noon. Bakers make baked goods for restaurants, grocery stores, and bakeries. A baker needs to follow recipes, organize raw ingredients, and keep a detailed inventory. Bakers work as individuals and members of a team depending on the job.


Entry-level baking positions do not require secondary education. A high school degree and experience in the field are common qualifications. 


The median pay for a baker is $14 an hour.




Landscaper or Arborist


A relatively high-paying job that can be part-time and low-stress is a landscaper. If you want to be outside and do physical labor, this is the job for you. Tree service companies often do landscape work along with their tree trimming duties. 


Your responsibilities may include trimming shrubs and trees that can be accessed from the ground. You may need to operate heavy machinery like a lawnmower or wood chipper. 


Qualifications for the job are minimal. Some companies want to see past work with heavy machinery, but most will train you on the job. You may need to take safety training and obtain a certificate to satisfy OSHA safety standards.


An entry-level landscaper or tree service groundsman makes $15 an hour on average, with opportunities to earn up to $30 an hour.




Stocking Jobs


These jobs offer part-time work for those who do not mind working late shifts. Stocking jobs require lifting heavy objects and organization skills. Stockers do not have to interact with the public and enjoy alone time while at work. 


A high school degree is needed for entry-level stocker positions. Most jobs prefer work experience in retail or warehouse positions. If you are interested in advancing in this field, a forklift certification can be beneficial.


The average hourly wage for a stocker is $14.50.




Floral Designer


A calming part-time job for flower lovers is as a floral designer. Also known as florists, they design flower arrangements for sale at retail shops. They interact with the public as a sales assistant, describing different products and selling the arrangements. 


Some floral designer jobs require a portfolio displaying past floral designs. Florists can also get a degree in floral design or a certificate from the American Institute of Floral Designers


A floral designer’s median pay is $14 an hour




Find Part-Time Work That is Low-Stress


Many part-time jobs pay well for low-stress work. The options are plentiful for those who want to stay at home and work remotely. 


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