The Best Customer Service Jobs

by | Oct 15, 2021



Working in customer service can be a great career choice, with many opportunities for advancement and flexibility with your schedule. It can also be a very rewarding job that requires working directly with customers and providing excellent customer experiences daily.


Since many customer service positions are available, it may be hard to decide which role is right for you during your job search. You can learn about the different customer service jobs and how they vary in each role before choosing the one that works best for you. 



Front Desk Associate 


Front desk associates or receptionists are the first faces many people see when they walk into a business office or a hotel lobby. Not only do these employees answer phones or greet clients, but they also answer complaints and pass on suggestions from customers. 


If you can handle in-person interactions while taking care of administrative tasks like taking bookings or scheduling client meetings, then this could be an excellent job for you.



Patient Care Coordinator


As a patient care coordinator, you will be in charge of planning and advocating for patients on their behalf. There are many types of patient care coordinators, with some working at hospitals while others organize appointments or get insurance provider pre-approvals on behalf of patients. You must know medical terminology and have worked in a healthcare setting before. 





Concierges work at hotels, resorts, and travel agencies, helping visitors with their travel plans. These might include reservations for attractions, restaurant recommendations, and transportation arrangements that help them have an enjoyable experience while visiting your city. 


You might enjoy this type of work if you know a lot about local activities and information to help visitors have an unforgettable time. 


You can also find a remote job as a virtual concierge that requires outstanding communication skills and the ability to work remotely via phone calls, emails, or live chat messaging.



Bank Teller


Bank tellers can help customers with transactions, such as cash deposits, withdrawals, payments for checks drawn on accounts at other banks, and electronic transfers between different financial institutions. 


As a bank teller, you may talk about promotional offers or special services, such as credit cards and savings accounts. A successful bank teller must be able to handle financial transactions and count cash. 




Call Center Agent 


You can work at home as a virtual call center agent or at an in-person call center setting. As a call center agent, you’ll be taking calls and answering emails from customers who need help with their orders or have other questions about products and services. 


Based on your position, you may process orders, handle customer concerns, and schedule appointments. You must be an excellent problem solver and handle a high volume of calls and emails as a call center agent.



Social Media Customer Care Associate


Social media has become the primary way that customers reach out to companies. Social media customer care associates keep up-to-date with what people are saying and thinking about the company. 


You monitor a company’s social media feeds, respond to questions and concerns in real time, and resolve problems if required by management. This position is valuable for many companies as responding to customer questions and concerns on social media leads to greater positive customer perception for 54% of consumers. 



Technical Support Representative


If you’re tech-savvy, consider working as a technical support representative. Your primary focus is answering customers’ questions and concerns about a company’s computer hardware or software. If your customers need real time help with computer hardware or software, you can guide them through the process over the phone or via live chat messaging. 


To be successful in customer technical support, you need exceptional communication skills, sensitivity, and fast problem-solving. You must be able to think on your feet and respond effectively.





Customer Services Representative


Customer service representatives handle direct communication with customers. These customer service professionals welcome customers. They can offer them special discounts, corporate news, and product updates and solutions. They can also serve customers directly from their home offices or work together with other remote employees. 


Customer service representatives may be called by other job titles, such as customer agents or customer service advisors, but almost every customer-facing company uses customer service representatives. Customer service relies on convincing customers to buy products and services, so empathy and persuasiveness are essential qualities for the position. 



Customer Support Representatives


A customer support representative helps customers with their questions and concerns. They answer questions and resolve all issues that may arise with clients daily through email, text messaging, live chat messaging, or phone calls.


Being polite, patient, and eager to help customers are important characteristics of a customer support representative. You should also become familiar with the company’s policies so you can adopt the appropriate behavior as you work with customers.



Customer Success Associate


A customer success associate ensures that customers are satisfied with a company’s product or service. If needed, they can provide more insights on how to use and optimize it. They can learn about any problems a customer might encounter with a product or service so that the company can use the feedback to improve it. 


The role of a customer success associate requires exceptional interpersonal and communication skills. Also, it is crucial to understand a company’s product or service to provide helpful advice and support to customers. 



Search for Your Next Customer Service Job


The customer service field is constantly evolving to meet the needs of customers. With so many positions available, it’s important for people looking for a new long-term job in this field to explore all their options before making a final decision. 


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You can set up job alerts to help with your job search and explore customer service positions that require varying degrees of experience and skill sets, so no matter what your background is, you can move forward in your career with your next customer service job.