Hottest Careers for Entry-Level Workers

by | Dec 14, 2021

Finding good entry-level positions can be a challenge. Job candidates often settle for low paying roles just to get their foot in the door. While this is necessary for some industries, plenty of high-paying entry-level jobs allow you to learn as you work. 


Depending on your experience and education level, you can find an entry-level position that allows you to establish the perfect foundation to build a prosperous career. 


Whether you’re beginning a job search as a college or a high-school graduate, it’s important to use all available resources to find the right position. is a digital jobs board and information resource that helps job seekers find their dream roles. 


To explore the hottest careers for entry-level workers, search for the following job listings on 




1. Social Media Manager


Social media management is a critical role in virtually all modern businesses. Social platforms provide direct communication with customers for advertising and interaction. 


With modern analytics, social media is now extremely valuable for market research. Popular social media sites use built-in analytical systems to help inform businesses about their customers and target market, enabling them to create more effective marketing strategies. 


Social media managers are responsible for running business’ public accounts. A social media manager must use these platforms to help an organization achieve its business goals, whether that is generating leads or increasing brand awareness.


For example, if a business wants to generate more online sales, a social media manager creates and implements Facebook and Instagram advertisements to promote products to the target audience. 


Other businesses may be more focused on branding or building awareness, meaning social campaigns may be more informative than sales-pitched. 


Some of the core duties of a social media manager include:


  • Analyzing data in terms of engagement, impressions, ROI, and other key metrics
  • Identifying customer trends
  • Branding
  • Establishing clear and measurable targets
  • Developing weekly, monthly, and yearly marketing plans
  • Planning and creating targeted social media posts
  • Producing high-quality written and visual content for all social channels
  • Engaging with influencers 
  • Providing reliable customer service
  • Public relations management
  • Providing training to team members
  • Post campaign analysis


Entry-level social media managers may enter the workforce as part of a team. This gives them valuable first hand experience of developing strategies and following campaigns from the initial stages to the post-campaign analysis. 


While you can get a job in this field without qualifications, the highest paying entry-level social media roles typically go to someone with a marketing, business, administration, or journalism degree. Other desired skills and experiences include: 


  • Experience running social accounts and digital advertising
  • Knowledge on how to create and follow a marketing plan
  • Google analytics experience
  • Proficiency using digital tools like HubSpot and Hootsuite
  • SEO knowledge
  • Communication skills
  • Strategic thinking
  • Management and delegation capabilities


Search for social media management roles using You can find available roles for in-house marketing teams, marketing agencies, or freelance and contractual work. There are many remote opportunities for social media managers.




2. Software Engineer


Software engineers have been in high demand for years. The projected employment growth is expected to increase by 22% by the year 2030. It is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the jobs market. The earning potential of a software engineer is a highly attractive aspect of the job, with high-paying entry-level roles as well as excellent long-term opportunities.  


Depending on the area of software engineering you’re interested in, you may start your career as a junior developer. Software engineers are problem solvers. They must apply mathematical, engineering, and computer science knowledge and theory to design, develop, and troubleshoot various applications.


Although there is a standard salary for software engineers in traditional roles, there are many opportunities for career advancement. Many software engineers use their diverse skill set to build companies and start entrepreneurial ventures, such as Shopify stores, online courses, and digital marketing agencies. 


Key requirements for a software engineer include: 


  • A bachelor’s degree or adequate qualifications in computer science or software engineering
  • Experience in the industry using relevant languages (e.g., Java, Python, and C++)
  • Problem-solving capabilities
  • Task management skills
  • Time management with the ability to prioritize important duties
  • High-level coding 
  • Ability to work on group projects




3. Mortgage Assistant 


A mortgage assistant is an excellent entry-level position for anyone interested in a potential job in real estate. The main role of a mortgage assistant is to review property loan applications, prepare administrative documents, and assist the primary mortgage loan officer with any other duties. 


This position provides good career progression and upskilling opportunities by working with financial software and getting hands-on experience dealing with the loan process.


Mortgage assistants aren’t required to have a college degree. A high school diploma or equivalent education certificate is adequate. By taking further financial courses and focusing on skill development, mortgage assistants can pursue a career as a mortgage loan officer, providing financial advice on behalf of a bank. 


The most important skills for a mortgage assistant are:


  • Financial literacy (basic understanding of loan application process and personal finances)
  • Time management
  • Document and administration skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Organizational skills


Before applying for a full-time role as a mortgage assistant, familiarize yourself with the mortgage application process and create a tailored resume and cover letter.




4. Executive Assistant


Consider working as an executive assistant if you’re looking for an entry-level position to develop experience and skills in a specific niche. In this role, you’ll be responsible for overseeing the schedules of important executives. For example, an assistant often prioritizes emails, meetings, or phone calls for an executive. They take care of key administrative duties on an executive’s behalf. 


Executive assistants work in various industries, including the medical field, legal firms, government agencies, and private businesses. A qualification or experience in a related field helps secure an assistant role. The key requirements of an executive assistant include: 


  • Excellent writing and communication skills
  • Impeccable time management
  • Organizational skills
  • Record keeping capabilities
  • Welcoming demeanor and good interpersonal skills
  • Ability to handle phone calls professionally
  • Competency using online calendars and planners




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