What Qualifications are Needed Before Working in a Warehouse?

by | Aug 13, 2021

Amazon is experiencing massive growth in the U.S. and across the world. New warehouses and fulfillment centers offer exciting opportunities for many Americans.



For those wondering if it is good to work in Amazon warehouses, Amazon workers enjoy excellent working conditions and pay. Back in 2018, Amazon introduced a $15 minimum wage. In 2021, it plans to raise the minimum wage again to attract new workers across the U.S. 



In general, the qualifications for working at an Amazon warehouse vary depending on the job. There are no definite qualifications required to become an Amazon warehouse packer. However, if you are thinking about applying, these are some of the certifications that can help you stand out from other candidates. 



1. OSHA Safety Certifications


The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is an organization that’s part of the United States Department of Labor. They provide training programs based on safety and health in the workplace. An OSHA certificate is well-recognized across the country, and it lets employers know you comply with official workplace safety regulations. 



OSHA offers a wide range of courses. Some of the programs that can benefit warehouse workers most are OSHA #7005 Public Warehousing and Storage and the #7100 Introduction to Machinery and Machinery Safeguarding. 



These courses are taught by many educational institutions around the U.S. that are associated with OSHA. If you want to take one of these courses, you should look for the nearest education center that offers OSHA certifications. You can also take the online OSHA General Industry Certification that requires 10 to 30 hours to complete. 





2. Supply Chain Certifications


There are many ways to show that you are fit for a warehouse manager position. Plenty of universities and educational centers across the U.S. offer certifications, courses, and degrees in logistics-related fields. 



When looking for a supply chain management course, you should research the best courses available before choosing one. One of the widely recognized certifications is the Certified Supply Chain Professional accreditation offered by The Association of Supply Chain Management (ASCM). They also provide a useful course on Planning and Inventory Management



3. Computer Service Technician (ETA)


Warehouses are becoming increasingly modernized with new technology. Supply chains are becoming digitized with data collection systems, and warehouses employ software programs to keep track of goods. 



Becoming skilled as a computer technician can be a valuable addition to your toolbox if you work at a warehouse. The European Technical Assessment Institution offers an excellent computer technician accreditation that can help you in the job search. 


4. Certified Customer Service Specialist (ETA)


Communication is an essential skill that’s required in a warehouse. Even though you won’t be dealing directly with clients, a Customer Service Specialist certification proves that you can communicate effectively with people. 



Teamwork capabilities are an essential factor warehouse managers look for when hiring new employees. The fast-paced work environment of warehouses requires that you can work efficiently as part of a large team. 


5. Food Safety Manager Certification (NRFSP)


If you are applying for a position at a warehouse of a food-related business, a food safety certification is beneficial. Warehouses that handle food need to follow strict health guidelines to ensure the products are safe for consumers. Amazon is expanding its food delivery business, and a food safety certification might be very helpful for getting a job at the company. 




Top Skills You Need to Work in a Warehouse


Skills are one of the main things hiring managers look for when reading job applications. When applying for a job, you should carefully read the job description and tweak your application to match the job requirements as much as possible. Most of the basic skills required for working in a warehouse can be obtained through high school level classes. 


Good Physical Condition

Even though it’s not exactly a skill, warehouse workers need to be in good shape because it’s a physically demanding job. Some warehouse jobs have very long shifts, sometimes up to 12 hours. In those cases, you should use your 30-minute bathroom breaks well and stay hydrated. Many warehouses have break rooms that are well-equipped with vending machines and water. 


Communication Skills

As part of a warehouse team, you need to communicate effectively with people, sometimes in high-stress situations. Speaking a second language can help you land a job at a warehouse because it demonstrates competency in communication. It may also give you an edge against other candidates if the second language you speak is prevalent in your region.  


Computer Literacy Skills

Any computer, software, or coding skills can also help you land a job at a warehouse. Some warehouses depend more on technology than others. If you have a strong profile in computer technology, consider applying for a job at Amazon warehouses. Their amazon fulfillment centers are highly automated with the use of robotics, and they need people who understand computers. 


Organization Skills

Warehouses are busy environments, and it’s easy to lose track of time while working. You’ll need to be organized and have good time-management skills to complete all necessary tasks before the deadline. 



Find the Job to Fit Your Qualifications 


To better your chances of getting hired at a warehouse for large corporations like Amazon, you’ll need to invest in yourself and get some certifications under your belt that set you apart from the competition. 



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