Best Ways to Find a Job Online

by | Aug 20, 2021


The online jobs market is one of the most important places for job seekers. While some companies still hire through newspaper advertisements and directories, job postings are now predominantly digital. Although this eliminates the hassle of physically printing resumes and mailing or delivering them to various addresses, it makes the landscape more competitive for job seekers. Despite job applications being more convenient, applicants may have to go the extra mile to impress potential employers in the search for jobs. 



Besides digitizing your resume and cover letter, you must also familiarize yourself with job websites, professional social networking, and virtual interviewing when job hunting. 



Many industries have a digital focus so that you can work as a digital nomad from any location.  



Whether you’re looking for a job as a fresh graduate or an experienced professional, the process can be daunting. Our comprehensive guide provides tips on the best ways to find a job online. 



Use Online Jobs Boards


As of 2018, almost half of all job hires come from career websites or online jobs boards. An online jobs board should be your first destination for researching job listings if you’re seeking employment. These boards are essentially job search engines that advertise specific openings. 



Employers and recruiters use online boards for posting jobs and searching for suitable candidates. Jobs boards are beneficial for employers and job seekers because they provide a platform that brings them together. 



One of the main advantages of job sites is that they allow users to search for roles in specific industries. Rather than looking through open positions from various fields, you can refine your search to find specific companies or roles that suit your needs and skill set. Many jobs boards have built-in application systems, allowing you to complete the application process quickly and easily. 



JobsFuel is an excellent resource for job seekers. It shows you your potential employment opportunities while offering search tips to help you find the exact type of role you’re looking for.




Contact Companies Directly


You don’t always have to wait for openings and online job advertisements to apply for jobs. An estimated 70% of positions aren’t publicly advertised, so if specific organizations interest you, contact them directly via their company websites. This demonstrates initiative and interest, which the business may value. Even if there are no available roles at the time, you may be considered for future openings. 



It can be beneficial to create a list of the companies you’d like to work for. This helps you with career pathing as you develop a more precise focus. Use jobs boards to search for suitable positions, then research the companies that advertise them. Consider the culture, benefits, policies, and other important factors before creating your list of ideal employers and reaching out to them. 



Create a Remote Working Setup


The COVID-19 pandemic saw vast sections of the global workforce perform their roles from home or remote locations. This has changed how many companies operate in the future. There are now plenty of full-time or hybrid remote job opportunities available. 



Even if you don’t want a fully remote job, some companies may require you to take a series of virtual interviews. Without a suitable remote working setup, these interviews may be a challenge



Dedicate a quiet room or area in your home where you can research, prepare, work, and take job interviews. Ensure that you have a reliable internet connection, an eye-level webcam, sufficient lighting, and an ergonomic chair. This helps with productivity and gives an impression of professionalism during a Zoom meeting or Skype job interview.



Develop Your Digital Resume


A digital resume essentially means that you have an online version of the document. In the competitive online jobs market, you should consider adjusting your resume to give yourself an edge. While it remains one of the most important aspects of a job application, modern employers don’t necessarily look for a traditional black and white copy of your skills and abilities. 



A custom digital resume demonstrates creative flair, technical abilities and shows that you’re willing to make an exceptional effort to get the job. Since a digital resume is available online, you can link directly to your LinkedIn profile, portfolio website, previous work, or relevant social media channels. 



You can upload your resume to your website or other career portals. However, you should still adjust your standard resume for each job application to highlight relevant skills and experience.






Networking is vital in many industries, particularly when it comes to technology-based job openings. An average of 16% of new jobs is given to people with previous connections to their employer. It’s important to lean on your professional network when applying for positions.



Although traditional networking has been difficult due to the pandemic, online networking is blossoming. Professional networking websites like LinkedIn are powerful tools when looking for jobs. Reach out to connections on LinkedIn or post on relevant social channels that you need work. Someone in your professional or social circle may be aware of a suitable opening. 



The best networking approach is to cultivate your contact list year-round. This enables mutually beneficial relationships with your network, resulting in longer-lasting and more valuable connections. Engage with people’s newsletters, contribute to LinkedIn posts, and send emails to relevant industry professionals. You might be surprised by people’s willingness to help you. 



Approach Online Headhunting Services


Many companies hire professional recruiters or headhunting services to find suitable candidates for their positions. This streamlines the hiring process by leveraging the expertise of professional recruiters. Headhunters are continually searching for workers to fill various vacancies, so contacting them can be mutually beneficial. 



Many online recruiters exploit job seekers by taking hefty commission fees or claiming a percentage of their salary. Good headhunters should have a wealth of knowledge of your industry, as well as the skills and experience that each role requires. If a headhunter tries to influence you, pressures you, is hard to stay in contact with or focuses consistently on salary, you should look elsewhere. 



Follow Up on Applications


Following up on job applications is crucial as it shows continued interest and may encourage the recruiting manager to give your application further consideration. However, it’s important not to spam a potential employer or contact them too soon after you apply. A week or two after the application closing date is appropriate to follow up on applications with a polite email. 



Avoid contacting businesses on Mondays or Fridays. Monday is often a busy day as workers organize their responsibilities for the week ahead. A Friday follow-up may end up buried within a week of emails or be forgotten about over the weekend. Send your follow-up between Tuesday and Thursday, and make sure to be polite, professional, and brief. 



Find a Job Online With JobsFuel


One of the keys to finding a job online is to utilize all available resources. JobsFuel is an excellent tool that helps you to find a range of suitable roles. Whether you’re seeking positions in a specific area or you’re interested in remote work, online search tools can point you in the right direction. What’s more, contains advice and guidance on maximizing employment opportunities. 



Find a job that fits your career goals and schedule. A quick search can show hundreds of job openings in your area of expertise.