Work-From-Home Jobs That Don’t Require a College Degree

by | Dec 11, 2021

Work-from-home jobs are gaining popularity in the job market. They benefit both the employer and employee by eliminating commute time and increasing worker productivity. Remote workers rate their work-from-home experience a success 71% of the time.


A quick search of an online job board will show many remote work opportunities that don’t require a college degree. There are jobs in customer support, social media, and data entry offering remote work without a college degree. Learn about what options are available and how to find the right job for you.




Customer Support Positions


Companies need workers to accurately and politely help customers interact with products and services. Customer support jobs are primarily done over the phone and on a computer, allowing remote work. 


Most industries hire remote customer service representatives from anywhere in the world. The average pay for a customer service representative is about $17 an hour. This is subject to change depending on what industry the customer representative serves. 




Remote customer service in the retail industry


The retail industry has seen steady and significant growth in e-commerce for the last eight years. To support this growth, retailers need a large workforce of customer service representatives. 


A customer service worker in retail needs a high school diploma but no secondary education. Training on the job will teach an entry-level worker the necessary computer software and store policies. Workers constantly use soft skills like active listening to engage customers and secure a sale. 




Remote customer service for delivery services


The rise in e-commerce also leads to delivery service companies hiring more remote customer service representatives. Large delivery service companies and smaller grocery delivery companies alike need customer support personnel to answer customer calls and solve problems quickly. 


Another advantage of this work is how flexible the jobs are. If you need the flexibility to work when you can, customer service positions for delivery services are a good option.




Remote technology support jobs


Technology support is a more specialized form of remote customer service work. While many of these positions still only require a high school education, they prefer applicants with relevant work experience. If you can display competency with relevant technology, you are well qualified to work as a technology customer support representative. 


Technology support positions are higher paying than most other customer service representative jobs. The average pay is $25.33 an hour for a technology support position. Some positions require vocational school or certifications to qualify for the job. 




Remote Social Media Jobs


Businesses care more than ever about their online image. This means there is a growing job market in social media-oriented positions for job seekers. Public relations jobs are expected to grow 11% in the next 10 years. 




Social media assistant


Many employers don’t require their social media assistants to have a degree. Instead, they want former experience that shows you can successfully represent their brand on social media. This could look like previous job experience, or a carefully curated personal social media account with a large influence. 


Social media positions require up-to-date knowledge of platforms and current events. A social media assistant has to create and execute social media campaigns that advance the company’s image while remaining relevant amid quickly changing social media norms.




Graphic designer


Social media teams need graphic designers to make engaging posts. More than 20% of working graphic designers do not have a college degree. With or without a degree, a portfolio displaying your graphic design work and abilities is essential to getting a job in this field.


Graphic Designers make $25.66 an hour on average. Like many remote jobs, graphic designers need to be strong independent workers and good written communicators. There are also many software programs in which they should demonstrate proficiency.




Data and Word Processing Positions


Data entry and management is a popular type of remote job because companies in almost every industry collect data that needs to be organized. Word processors, like transcriptionists and proofreaders, work remotely and don’t always require a degree. 




Medical records specialist


A medical records specialist compiles, processes, and maintains patient records for clinics and hospitals. Their work must be consistent with relevant healthcare regulations. Medical records specialists learn computer systems on the job to input patient data as numerical data. 


Medical records specialists sometimes need vocational school training, but most of the time, job listings’ main requirement is relevant work experience. The average salary for this position is $44,090 annually.




Administrative assistant


Administrative assistants, sometimes called secretaries, work for various businesses and are entry-level positions that allow you to break into hard-to-access fields. If you want to start a career without a college degree, search for administrative assistant roles in the relevant field. For instance, if you eventually want to work as an insurance agent, start as an administrative agent at your local insurance company. 


Administrative assistants are responsible for clerical tasks such as scheduling meetings, answering phone calls, and organizing data and files. Most administrative assistant positions require a working understanding of spreadsheets and do not require secondary education.


Administrative assistants make $18.68 an hour on average. It is predicted that there will be more than 300,000 administrative assistant job openings per year in the United States for the next decade. 




Data entry keyer


Data entry keyers correct data errors, compare data with source documents and enter data into the appropriate locations. They work for businesses in all types of industries, although medical data entry keyers are most common. No secondary education is required, and employers provide on-the-job training. 


A data entry keyer needs to have good attention to detail and an understanding of data entry computer software. On average, they earn $16.56 an hour






A proofreader checks written content and transcripts for grammatical, spelling, and other written errors. Many are contract workers, hired for short periods. The majority of proofreaders do not have a college degree. The position’s essential characteristics include attention to detail, independence, and cooperation. Proofreaders’ average hourly wage is $19.78. 






Transcriptionists use a word processor, like a computer, to put work materials and voice recordings into a typed document. Most transcriptionist positions do not require secondary education. Transcriptionists frequently use active listening skills, writing skills, and reading comprehension. $19.73 is the average hourly wage for a transcriptionist.




Work-From-Home Business Opportunities


Businesses used to have to rent commercial workspace and hire local employees. This business model is no longer necessary because of the rise of remote work. There are no degree requirements for starting your own business. All it takes is an idea and initiative. 




Online tutoring services


If you have a skill or knowledge that others seek, the market is prime for you to start an online tutoring service. There are many reasons why students and others seek out online tutoring instead of in-person services. One survey shows that flexibility and a comfortable home atmosphere were significant contributors to the online tutoring preference. 


Based on data collected in the same survey, a strong internet connection and up-to-date technology are necessary for a smooth online tutoring service. As the business owner, you get to control work hours and tutoring topics which is ideal for those looking for maximum work flexibility.




Run a dropshipping store


A dropshipping store makes you responsible for marketing, and customer service, while a third party handles production, storage, and shipping. In a sense, you operate as the marketing agent for another organization’s products. You can sell products from multiple third-party organizations, so your online store is yours to fill with whatever products you want. 




Find Your Next Job Today


Many remote work opportunities do not require a college degree. Some need relevant work experience, others are entry-level positions, and you can even start your own at-home business. 

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