How to Get Started as a Salesperson

by | Sep 20, 2021


A role as a salesperson can be extremely fulfilling, especially if you have strong interpersonal skills and thrive on human interaction. As you start your job search and prepare for job interviews in the field, consider what skills you need to acquire or further develop to succeed in sales.



Sales representatives are needed across various industries from cars to software to banking and can work in various occupations. As sales managers retire from the job market and the number of organizations striving to remain competitive, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that sales manager employment will grow 4% from 2019 to 2029



The world of sales can be daunting to enter, but if you have the right mindset and skills, you will find many opportunities for success on this career path.



Get into a Sales Mindset


Knowing your company’s products or services is essential before starting sales, so it’s important to research correctly beforehand. You also need to know your customer’s goals and needs to ensure your products or services meet them. Think about how you approach customers and present yourself when doing business with them. If you have customers who want fast turnaround times, emphasize that you can provide them with this and point out how this makes working with you easier than with your competition.



You can also offer your sales skills to a local nonprofit organization. Many organizations are looking for volunteers to make membership calls to potential donors, which could be an excellent way to meet other volunteers who may be good leads in the future. Not only does this build your sales mindset, but you also have the chance to expand your professional network. 




Learn Basic Sales Skills


To be successful in the sales process, you’ll need to learn or hone a specific set of skills. Demonstrating these abilities on a resume will also make you more attractive to prospective employers.  




Listen to Your Customers


The ability to listen is an essential component of working in sales. Many sales professionals fall into the trap of talking about their products and services without first letting their customers share their problems and needs. 



Listening entails problem-solving and reading between the lines of what is being said, which shows that you’re interested in and value your customers’ opinions. 




Focus on Benefits and Features


Feature-benefit selling is critical to your success in sales because it takes the focus away from facts about a product or service and appeals to a customer’s emotions. When you learn this skill set, you are no longer just selling a product but an experience; by informing customers how the product or service can benefit them in various areas of their life, you’re more likely to strike a personal note and close the deal. 




Persistence is Key


Salespeople need to be persistent when following up with customers if they want to close a sale. Be consistent with your follow-up phone calls and emails and contact customers at the agreed-upon time, so they’re more willing to chat with you. 



Being persistent, however, does not mean you need to be overbearing. Sometimes, customers say no, and you should be respectful of a firm answer but leave the door open for future interactions. Mention upcoming products or services you could contact them about if they’re interested down the line. 



You need to self-reflect and ask yourself why someone said “no” if you experience rejection from a customer. A salesperson’s emotional awareness can help them sell more effectively with honest solutions tailored for their customers’ needs.




Take a Sales Training Program


Even if you are an experienced sales professional, going through a sales training program or seminars can help you fine-tune your sales and listening skills. Investing in yourself in an attempt to learn can make an employer want to hire you because it shows you’re serious about your career. 



Sales programs are also a great way to network and show how dedicated a salesperson can be towards their field.



Becoming a Good Salesperson


If you are looking for a career that will provide the opportunity to learn new skills, make connections with others in your field, and grow as an individual, then sales may be right for you. Whether it be finding customers, building relationships, or closing deals as part of a sales team, there are many opportunities for personal development within this field.



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