The Best Career Fields for Introverts

by | Jan 31, 2022

If you’re trying to figure out your next step in your career path, choosing a great career that aligns with your personality is an excellent place to start. Your personality can influence your professional success early in your career. You can find career success when you understand how to translate your personality and experiences into your next position. 


However, if you are an introvert, you may want to avoid jobs that require extensive social interaction with large groups. Knowing the best careers for introverts can help you gain job satisfaction while still feeling at ease. 




Introversion: What is it?


Extroversion and introversion indicate how people recharge and deal with social interaction. An introverted person finds solace in solitude and quiet spaces, while an extrovert derives energy from social interaction. Introverts may prefer working independently or in quiet work environments. 


Four subcategories of introversion exist on the spectrum of introversion. Knowing which type of introvert you are helps determine where you might be most effective at work. 


Anxious introversion: Anxious introverts tend to avoid social interactions, so they don’t have to deal with the negative feelings associated with insecurity and social awkwardness.


Restrained introversion: These introverts may not open up in large groups and noisy environments at first. Over time, as they adjust to other people, they become more social and talkative. 


Social introversion: A social introvert prefers to keep their thoughts to themselves. They enjoy their own company, and they can work alone. Teamwork may not be their priority when looking for a job. 


Thinking introversion: Thinking introverts conceive brilliant ideas quickly. However, they’re not necessarily shy people who feel uncomfortable interacting socially. Unlike social introverts who prefer working alone, thinking introverts enjoy teamwork from time to time.





7 Best Career Fields for Introverts


With your introversion type in mind, below are some great career options for introverts. These positions may allow you to work from home, so you can focus on the task at hand without worrying about distractions and social interruptions. 



1. Accounting


Average salary: $52,319

Traditional financial jobs, such as investment banking or private equity, often involve working closely with people. Starting in the accounting field allows you to interact directly with clients and colleagues.


As a certified public accountant, you can offer tax advice to clients and companies and help file their tax returns. Working as a financial analyst allows you to evaluate financial models and stocks for investors to determine whether an investment strategy is likely to be profitable. 


To get hired by an accounting firm, candidates must have a bachelor’s degree in Accounting or Finance. They can also be in school for a graduate program in Accounting. 



2. Data science


Average salary: $97,051

Businesses use data science to create frameworks that allow them to use data for identifying risks and opportunities. Data science involves testing various hypotheses using experimental methods, building predictive models, creating new tools, and continuously analyzing data.


Data science requires collaboration between data analysts, key stakeholders, and machine learning engineers. Most of the time, data scientists spend their days working alone. 


To become a successful data scientist, you need an undergraduate degree in computer science, mathematics, statistics, or engineering. Additional coursework in programming languages, databases, analytics, and business intelligence is helpful in this position. Some employers may require master’s degrees for top data science positions.



3. Content marketing 


Average salary: $69,229

Content marketing involves creating original content that attracts potential customers. This field strikes a balance between social interaction and collaboration, giving you plenty of time to recharge at work.


You can start your career in content marketing as a content writer by developing blog posts, articles, and white papers for a company. A content manager creates and executes a company’s content strategy. They might oversee different types of content, including audio, digital, and video, and collaborate with content writers, strategists, and creators to develop them. 


Some companies may prefer to hire content marketers with degrees. However, if you know how to develop compelling, high-quality content, you have a better chance of landing a job in content marketing. 




4. Social media marketing 


Average salary: $55,820

Introverts may enjoy social media marketing since communication and social interaction are online. They may only interact with their marketing colleagues when needed. Otherwise, you spend much of your time writing copy and producing video content for social media platforms, allowing your creativity to shine through.


A social media manager plans and develops social media marketing campaigns for their company’s social media accounts. They also analyze social media analytics and interact with followers and customers. 


Companies may prefer that you have a degree in marketing. Previous experience with developing social media content and showcasing the results from your marketing campaigns may be helpful enough to begin your career as a social media manager. 



5. Graphic design


Average salary: $47,085

Graphic design involves creating visuals for clients and companies. Some graphic designers specialize in creating branding assets for websites, while others develop print marketing materials like flyers and brochures. 


A company or an advertising agency usually employs graphic designers. A graphic designer may first meet with a client and company to discuss ideas before creating them alone. You can also work as a freelance graphic designer if you prefer to set your rates and hours to control the amount of interaction with clients. 


Graphic designers don’t necessarily need a degree to start their careers. To become a graphic designer, you must possess creative skills and an understanding of various software applications. Putting together a portfolio of your graphic design work can help you further in your graphic design career without prior work experience



6. Information technology


Average salary: $58,194

Information technology, or IT, covers various fields, including information systems, security, and systems administration. Jobs in IT do not require much social interaction, but they do need a passion for problem-solving and technology. 


An IT specialist maintains and manages a business’ internal IT systems and products. It includes everything from handling IT support tickets, fixing technical glitches, installing new equipment, and ensuring that all IT services work well. If you possess writing skills, you can work as a technical writer to simplify complex IT instructions, manuals, and procedures into more readable content. 


An applicant doesn’t need a degree and formal IT or computer science training to enter the field. Some companies may want someone who knows how to use computers well enough to get the job done. You can display your knowledge through a well-prepared interview, talking about your enthusiasm for IT and any prior technical experience fixing computers. 



7. Software development


Average salary: $88,297

The software development field entails designing and creating software programs. Various jobs exist within software development, including back-end, front-end, full-stack, and software engineering. Some positions in software development create mobile and desktop applications. Other jobs involve building operating systems. 


Working in software engineering might be a good fit for someone who likes working alone but occasionally needs to interact with others. Most software engineers’ primary responsibilities include writing code, testing their code, and finding and fixing any bugs. 


Many companies don’t require any formal education for entry-level software engineering positions. However, most tech companies use technical interviews to determine whether candidates have the necessary programming knowledge. If you have the required skill set, you may be able to land an entry-level position.




Getting a Job as an Introvert is Possible


Choosing a career field that goes well with your skills, personality, and leaves you energized can help you decide where to look for jobs. Once you determine what career path you want to pursue, it’s time to start applying online. 


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