6 Best Resources to Find a Part-Time Job in Los Angeles

by | Jun 28, 2022


You’re not alone if you’re having trouble finding a part-time job in Los Angeles. In April 2022, the unemployment rate in Los Angeles County was 5.4 percent. That statistic can make your job search feel intimidating, especially if you’ve been out of the workforce or don’t have much experience.


Luckily, resources for finding part-time work have become more accessible, especially with the growth of online employment resources. With the right tools, the quest to find a part-time job becomes much less stressful. 


Whether you’ve just started your job search or have been job-hunting for a while, take a look at the best six resources for finding part-time work in LA.


1. Staffing Agency

Staffing agencies, like America’s Job Center of California or WorkSource Centers, can connect you to part-time or temporary jobs. The agencies evaluate your skills and qualifications and then help you find a position you’re suited for. Agencies offer a wide variety of positions, so if you specify that you’re looking for part-time or temporary work, they can help you find those positions.


Staffing agencies do more than help job seekers land a job. Many also have access to job training, career coaching, and resumé review services, which can improve your chances at a job. They may also offer specialized services for certain applicant pools, like young adults, veterans, and people with disabilities.


You can find the closest American Job Center on the AJCC website. If you’re looking for nearby WorkSource Centers instead, check the website for California’s Economic and Workforce Development Department.




2. Job Boards

An online job board like Jobsfuel.com can help you with the job search process. JobsFuel posts various part-time job listings, allowing you to easily search for a part-time job in Los Angeles. Simply type in your search criteria, set the location to “Los Angeles, CA,” and click “Find Jobs” to see what’s available. 


JobsFuel can also provide you with part-time job alerts. Enter your email and JobsFuel will round up any jobs that you might be interested in. You’ll get a customized, comprehensive list every week. By using JobsFuel for your job search, you’ll free up extra time to polish your resumé and attend job interviews. JobsFuel’s educational blog can also help you with those parts of the process.


Of course, JobsFuel isn’t the only job board you can utilize. California also maintains CalJobs, a statewide job board for full-time and part-time jobs. Narrow your results by county with the site’s location filter. You can also filter jobs by occupation, pay rate, required education, and the time of posting.


The Los Angeles Public Library’s list of career resources includes links to job boards like Snagajob, Indeed, and Monster. These popular job boards can also help you find part-time work, but you may have to sift through irrelevant job listings, like full-time positions or jobs outside your field. 


3. Contract Jobs

The flexible nature of contract jobs makes them a perfect fit for potential part-timers. Some of them function like typical part-time work, while others are quick gigs that allow you to work as much or as little as you’d like. Many are entry-level positions, so you don’t need extensive experience to pick up the work.


Use freelance websites like Upwork, Fivver, and Guru.com to seek out contract work in your field. You might associate freelance work with creative careers, like art and design, but you’ll find a surprising amount of contract work more closely resembling a traditional part-time job. Examples include data entry, programming, customer service, tutoring, and human resources.


Manual laborers can also look into the Day Labor Program. The City of Los Angeles offers the Day Labor Program to help you find temporary work in hands-on fields, like housekeeping, construction, automotive work, and landscaping. 


4. Social Network

Check sites like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn for employment opportunities. Companies sometimes post job openings on their social media pages, and these postings might not make it to job boards. Since most social media platforms aren’t designed for job-hunting, you may be unable to filter out full-time positions, but you’ll be surprised by how many part-time offers you can find.


You can also ask your family, friends, and former coworkers if they know of any open part-time positions. They might know a company that’s hiring or a job posting that’s about to open. If they know the company or hiring manager, they may be able to tell them you are interested and your basic qualifications to give you an edge. 


Whether you ask over social media or in person, social networking can help you find part-time jobs you otherwise wouldn’t have known about.


5. Unemployment Agencies

While you might only associate unemployment agencies with unemployment benefits, they may also have a list of open jobs in the area. These jobs range from part-time to full-time work. 


Some unemployment agencies also assist you in getting a job. For instance, WorkSource Centers function as both a staffing and unemployment agency; they help you find and get a job. Try contacting the following agencies in the greater Los Angeles area to discover potential part-time opportunities:


  • Hollywood WorkSource Center
  • Boyle Heights WorkSource
  • Watts Los Angeles WorkSource Center
  • South East Los Angeles WorkSource
  • JVS West Los Angeles WorkSource Center


6. Print and Online Classified Ads

Newspapers typically publish local job ads both online and in their print copies. Check the Classifieds section of your local newspaper for part-time jobs; they may not be as popular as online job boards but still, get plenty of use.


Check Craigslist for part-time work opportunities as well. You might find great part-time jobs in the Jobs section. Gig work on Craigslist may not always offer a consistent income stream, but some gigs have reasonable pay rates.



Preparing to Land Your Part-Time Position

Locating the ideal part-time job is half the battle. Once you’ve found a job you’re interested in, submit a strong resumé highlighting your relevant work experience. Your resumé is your first impression, so it should show why you’re a good fit for the job.


Include soft skills on your resume, such as leadership, communication, patience, and organization. Also, list hard skills like foreign language fluency, coding knowledge, or degree qualification.


If you’re called in for a job interview, research the company ahead of time and practice answers to common interview questions. Dress professionally and be polite and professional throughout the interview. Interviews are usually the last step in the process, so put your best foot forward.


Find a Part-Time Position in Los Angeles With JobsFuel

Finding the perfect part-time job can be daunting, especially in a big city like Los Angeles. Start your search for a part-time job in the City of Angels by using job-search tools, employment agencies, and social media to discover opportunities. 


If you’re looking for part-time work in Los Angeles, check out JobsFuel. Whether you’re searching for the perfect part-time position or are brushing up on your job-hunting skills, JobsFuel gives you the tools you need for a successful job search.