Top 6 Job Boards in the US

by | Oct 23, 2021




Job boards are some of the most important tools for job seekers today. Quality job boards are not just glorified search engines that display the same job listings you can find on any other site. Modern job boards are professional job search websites and useful resources for information that plays a significant role in helping you secure your next job. 


With all industries placing increased reliance on internet-based recruitment, there are now more job sites than ever before. While this is beneficial in some ways, it creates a crowded space that can make the process of job hunting overwhelming. To avoid frustration when job searching, accumulate a list of the best job boards to ensure you find a job that matches your career goals, salary requirements, and skillset. 


The following list contains six of the top job boards in the US, giving you a range of resources for finding work. Not only do these boards list job openings, but some of them offer various other services to aid you in the job hunt. 




1. JobsFuel


Your go-to site when searching for jobs should be This is a well-designed, easy-to-use, and resource-packed website that’s the perfect companion for job seekers. Since its primary function is a professional job board, the site contains thousands of openings. You can search by keyword, job title, or location, enabling you to find work in different locations around the United States. 


Keywords on job boards are becoming an essential part of online searches. Many companies post jobs with precise descriptions and use AI technology to filter through job candidate applications via the number of key phrases, skills, and words they use. allows you to refine job searches to find the exact role you are looking for. 


An aspect of the website that sets it apart from other job boards is its information center. constantly updates its site with high-quality advice, guidance, and tips on careers and jobs. 


You can find blogs that teach you how to write a five-star cover letter, tips for finding remote work, information guides on performing well in interviews, and much more. This information can be invaluable in a competitive job market and often makes a huge difference in a successful job application.


Another advantage of using is its subscription process. allows you to subscribe to email notifications and job alerts to inform you about job opportunities and new openings that align with your career goals. 




2. Upwork


While advertises roles from various disciplines and includes part-time and freelance opportunities, Upwork is a specialist website focused entirely on freelance and contract-based work. It is an excellent resource that can enable you to take significant steps in your career and earn high-paying freelance gigs in various industries, from marketing to computer programming. 


Upwork requires job seekers to create a profile, which acts as a resume or portfolio showing your experience, skill profile, and other important information. While you can give as much or as little detail as you choose, the more comprehensive your profile, the more likely you are to stand out to employers. 


Due to its unique model, Upwork attracts high-paying clients, ensuring you can find rewarding work, although you may experience some growing pains as you become accustomed to bidding on jobs. Always ensure you have a contract and make clear how many unpaid revisions you will do.  


The hiring process is fast and straightforward. It’s common for job applicants to begin work on a new project within a few hours of applying. Receiving payment is secure and straightforward but does take several days to clear. 


Often referred to as a luxury freelance site, Upwork isn’t free. Upwork takes a percentage of your pay, which is a big turn-off for some freelancers. 




3. CoolWorks


CoolWorks is another specialist job board for seasonal workers seeking employment in hotels, campsites, national parks, ski resorts, and ranches. As the company is dedicated to connecting employees to various seasonal roles around the country, it is a useful time-saving resource for those who know exactly what type of job they are looking for. Many hotels, resorts, and other seasonal businesses rely on CoolWorks to find suitable staff every year. 


CoolWorks advertises a wide range of job types based in hospitality, travel, and tourism, featuring positions for chefs, bartenders, servers, cleaners, managers, administrators, tour guides, and more. Jobs are typically advertised at an hourly rate.


Application processes are varied depending on the employer, so you may need to contact them directly, use the company website, or fill out a built-in application. While CoolWorks is free to use, many of the jobs it advertises require you to cover your own travel and accommodation costs. 



4. LinkedIn


Social media or social networking is becoming an increasingly common way to find jobs. LinkedIn started as a digital professional networking tool but has since developed into a much more comprehensive platform that features an active job board. What’s more, recruiters and hiring managers use LinkedIn to find potential job candidates. 


The job board section on LinkedIn is practical and easy to use. It has multiple filters, allowing you to refine your search depending on what you’re looking for. You can also filter search results based on who you follow and your connections. Having existing relationships with current employees in a company can give you an advantage in securing an interview. 


As your professional credentials are already on display through your profile, the initial application process is usually straightforward. LinkedIn also has an interview scheduling tool, where you can arrange in-person or virtual interviews with potential employers. It sends you prompts and reminders to make sure you’re on time. 


Although you can use LinkedIn for free, the paid premium version offers significant advantages for job seekers, making your application more visible to recruiters. 




5. is one of the best job boards for finding federal roles. Government jobs are plentiful and come with many benefits, including job security, generous benefits, competitive salaries, and retirement plans, ensuring you can find fulfilling work on this site. 


The web page is highly functional and allows you to complete full applications. Another useful aspect of the board is that you can upload your resume and save jobs you’re interested in. If you want hiring managers to contact you, simply make your profile visible and searchable to recruiters. 


If you’re unsure what area you’d like to work in, the website is a great information resource, particularly for military veterans, disabled job seekers, and existing federal employees. 




6. Glassdoor


Glassdoor is a valuable tool for accessing company reviews, providing a complete picture of a potential workplace. Besides advertising job openings, Glassdoor provides insights into company culture and specific roles from anonymous employee reviews. 


While a job description gives you an impression of a certain role, the reality may be a lot different. A quick job search on Glassdoor can help you find potential red flags before investing your time and effort into an application. Even if you don’t use Glassdoor to find job openings, it is a worthwhile tool to gain information about companies and job specifics. 




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