What to Look for in an Entry-Level Job

by | Feb 16, 2022

For first-time job seekers, it’s tough to know what to look for in an entry-level job. Whether your job search is for a position after college or right out of high school, you want something you’re qualified to do that also challenges you to learn new skills. The ideal entry-level job can help you move forward in your career.


To find the proper entry-level position for yourself, start thinking about what qualities are important to you in a job and a company. 




Culture Fit


You’ll devote a lot of time to your new job and building a career. Whether you’re starting in customer service for a real estate firm,  doing data entry for financial analysts, or as a junior graphic designer, it might quickly turn into an unpleasant workplace for you and others if you don’t like the job or the people you’re working with.


Therefore, you must consider whether you fit into the company culture. Here are some elements to watch for to ensure that a company’s culture is the perfect match for you.




Research the company before applying


Before you apply, check out the company’s social media accounts to get an idea of its culture. Look at how a firm presents itself on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social networking sites. Pay special attention to how the company interacts with the public in the comment section. Then, go to LinkedIn and look at the profiles of some of the employees to see what their previous experience and education look like. 


Visit the company’s website and read its mission statement to understand the values this business embodies. Do they align with your own values? If not, you may find that you’re not happy working there after a few months. Browse through review management platforms like TrustPilot to learn what others say about the company. 


You can also gauge how people dress at the workplace you’re applying to through social media content. The dress code tells you a lot about company culture. If you see people dressed in business casual, you can infer that the company has a laid-back style that still values professionalism.


Consider how all these things relate to your principles and preferred working approach as you decide whether this job is the right match for you.




Look for recent news or events


Look up the company’s recent news to see if anything significant has occurred. Look out for any job cuts, acquisitions, or vague “we’re restructuring/rebranding” releases. Have any company executives made headlines recently, and what for? 


This research can help you decide whether the company is where you’d want to work. It will also give you talking points for your interview if the news articles offer information about positive developments in the business. 





Focus on keywords


A handful of buzzwords may tell you a lot about the corporate culture and working environment. The following words should be on your radar while looking for whether a firm is suitable for you:


  • Fast-paced: At this firm, things are constantly happening. You’ll be moving from one project to the next without much time for rest. People that become bored quickly or are task-oriented will thrive in this atmosphere.


  • Relaxed: This atmosphere is favorable to perfectionists and people who dislike multitasking. This setting is ideal for you to devote enough time to evaluate your job performance between deadlines.


  • Unbiased: If you prefer to think big picture and want to contribute ideas, this is the ideal company culture for you. Ideas rather than seniority determine whether or not you get more chances.


  • Hierarchical: This system is ideal for those who want a top-down management structure with just one supervisor who gives assignments.


  • Social: Because of the social aspect, this is a wonderful place to work for those who want to meet people at work or like chatting with coworkers over lunch.


  • Independent: Look for a job description that focuses on working independently or autonomously if you want to be 100% engaged in your work while at the workplace or if you dislike socializing with coworkers.


  • High-growth: With a company like this, you’ll be able to improve your career and raise your profile quickly. Other words to look for include “startup,” “changing,” and “inaugural.” You’ll have to deal with some ambiguity.


  • Firm or stable: These companies provide a sense of comfort and security. You’ll be continuing a procedure established by a predecessor, and your tasks will be precise as advertised in the ad.




The Potential for Future Development


When evaluating an entry-level position, look for whether the job offers a clear route to jobs with more responsibility, greater fulfillment, and higher pay. If the position is part-time, is there a possibility of transitioning to full-time work in the future? 


Consider the learning and development possibilities the company provides to its workers. Whether it’s attending conferences as a team, having weekly “Lunch & Learns,” or comprehensive development programs—the business you choose should value your growth.





Know Your Salary Range


Salary is the most significant consideration for many people when job hunting. There’s often a trade-off between high pay and the opportunity to gain professional experience in an entry-level position. Consider the salary range you’re willing to accept when browsing job sites and filter your results only to show you positions that meet these criteria. 


Finding a job that allows you to develop your problem-solving and communication skills may be more valuable to you than a higher wage when you’re first starting in the industry. Think about how much you need to make to pay your bills and whether you’re willing to take a lower-paying job for the experience. 




Find the Right Entry-Level Job for You


All companies offer something unique to their employees, so it’s up to you to do the research and determine whether their entry-level role will suit you. Learn as much as you can about the company culture, your potential for career growth, and compensation. 


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