Guide for Finding a Job Online

by | Aug 20, 2021


The internet has opened up many new avenues for job seekers. There are countless platforms, job sites, and job search engines that can match professionals with employers in a matter of moments. However, because of the number of options and resources, the online marketplace is highly competitive. 



Job hunting requires planning and strategy. It’s no longer acceptable to send a plethora of identical resumes to potential employers. You must go the extra mile to catch a recruiter’s attention and convince them you’re a good fit for the role. 



Create a LinkedIn Profile


Creating a LinkedIn profile is another way of standing out to recruiters when searching through job boards. LinkedIn has been a major player in the world of job hunting and networking sites for recruiters and job seekers. Recruiters have a better chance of finding qualified candidates, while job seekers like you can connect with other like-minded people to network with. 



It is a good idea to follow your target companies on LinkedIn and leave thoughtful comments on its news and updates occasionally. Whether you are fresh out of college or have years of experience, employers will appreciate your interest in the company and its products and services.



Be More Than an Online Applicant


After you apply for a job online, connecting with current employees using LinkedIn can be a good way to make your name and face familiar. 



When searching for hiring managers on LinkedIn, you can ask about upcoming job openings and send your resume directly to the individual rather than to a generic HR email address. You will stand out from the rest of the applicants, and the hiring manager will remember you for future openings. 



When messaging someone online, you should be strategic, as they may not always respond to you. If you have mutual LinkedIn connections or graduated from the same college or high school, you can use this to start a conversation.




Tailor Your Resume and Cover Letter


Online applications are submitted through an applicant tracking system, which verifies your resume before forwarding it to HR. Your resume must match the keywords and skills listed in the job description. 



If you are looking to become an administrative assistant and the job description says “must have experience with using Excel,” then include this as a skill on your resume. Use your resume and cover letter to highlight the projects and the results you achieved while using Excel at your previous jobs to increase the likelihood of getting an interview. 



Don’t Be Afraid of Being Personable


Few job candidates get hired because of the white space on their resumes and cliché answers to interview questions. All this precision can appear to be manufactured if it’s overdone and not true to your personality. 



To make yourself memorable, go the extra mile and be personable while remaining professional and articulate during the interview. Share how you feel about the company because it will help show that you’re genuinely excited about the opportunity to work with them if they offer you a job.  



Ask well-researched questions to your interviewers based on what you read on their company’s website and social media. Remembering small talk will also help build rapport with your interviewers, leading to a more successful job search process. 




Your Thank You Email Can Make a Difference


The interview is your chance to land your dream job, and if you don’t thank the interviewers, you risk missing out. Putting together thoughtful thank-you emails for everyone in your interview is not only a gesture of professional courtesy but an excellent way of showing your gratitude. 



Your thank-you email should reinforce your interest in the company and describe what you learned from the interview that excited you about working there. Mention any projects or long-term business goals the interviewer brought up during your discussion and emphasize your related skills and experience. You can also bring up any shared hobbies you discussed during the interview.



You should send your thank you note within 24 hours of the interview. Your email should be free of typos, so the employers know you are detail-oriented. You can stand out from other candidates who may not even send a thank-you email when you write a unique email customized to every interviewer. 



Search Online for More Job Listings


If you use these strategies and add a little personality to your online job search, you can increase your chances of landing a new job. Make yourself more visible by creating a LinkedIn profile and engaging hiring managers and employees at target companies. You will also make a positive impression when you tailor your resume and cover letter, are personable during interviews, and craft a thank you email.



If you are looking for more job opportunities, start preparing by using as an efficient way to find local jobs that align with your skills and qualifications.