What’s the Fastest Way to Find a Job?

by | Nov 22, 2021

Job searching doesn’t have to be a stressful, drawn-out process. There are ways to make online and in-person job searches fast and efficient. Quickly find your next job by taking advantage of job aggregators, understanding application algorithms, and tailoring your resume to the job or industry.





Online Job Boards


Online job hunting is common, and there are ways to optimize your searches for the best results. Job seekers should use job aggregators to find the jobs they’re most qualified for while avoiding the time-trap of over-applying.




Start with job aggregators


Job aggregators are websites that scour the web and collect job listings from company websites and industry job boards. Start your search with a job aggregator like Jobsfuel.com to get the big picture of the job market in an area. The search tool filters potential employers based on location, keywords, full-time vs. part-time, and job titles.




Sign-up for job alerts

Make the online job boards do the work for you by signing up for email notifications. Job sites will send personalized jobs right to your phone screen so you can spend your time applying to jobs rather than searching for them.




Update your online profile


Not only can you find jobs online, hiring managers can find you there as well. Update your LinkedIn profile with career goals and three professional references. List experiences and skills that relate to the type of work you are searching for. Have another person proofread your profile to ensure there are no errors. 




Do not over-apply


It is tempting to apply to dozens of jobs every day to get a quick job offer. This is not necessarily the most time-efficient way to find a job. You must spend enough time on every application for it to pass an automated application review.


Businesses use resume review algorithms to scan your work history and other application materials for keywords. Only the applications that satisfy the algorithm get to the hiring managers.


The automated filter forces applicants to carefully craft their resumes to match the job description. It is a waste of time to apply with non-tailored materials, so curate every application for the job to see the fastest results.



In-Person Job Search


Despite the hiring landscape shifting largely to digital applications, there are still ways to find jobs quickly in person. In-person job searches avoid automated application review systems. Plus, you often get a hiring decision quicker when you apply to appointments in-person.




Careers and long-term jobs


If you are looking to find your next career, the in-person job search starts by locating businesses near you. Visit companies that interest you with a tailored resume and cover letter. If they have open positions, then you can apply for the job. This gets your application into the hands of the hiring personnel faster than going through the online hiring process. 


Even if companies aren’t currently hiring, it is still worth visiting them and dropping off your resume and cover letter. When a position opens, they will already know you are interested and qualified. 




Jobs with few qualifications


Search for Help Wanted signs in your area if you are looking for a first job or need part-time work to supplement your income. Help wanted signs are common in restaurants, retail shops, and other customer service businesses. Employers in these industries are frequently looking for new talent since retail alone employs over 14 million workers yearly in the United States.


Your resume and cover letter do not need to be tailored to specific businesses if the jobs have few qualifications. Instead, tailor your resume to the different industries you will apply to work in. This way, you can quickly apply to many jobs in your area while still marketing your relevant skills. Be ready for a job interview, as the hiring process often moves fast in entry-level service jobs.  




Find a Job Fast With Jobsfuel.com


Whether you want to focus your job search online or go out into the real world to find your next job, Jobsfuel.com can help. If you want to apply to jobs online, the simple job-search tool will supply you with relevant jobs. If you want to find a job in person, use the job search tool to find potential employers to visit. 


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