7 Tips For Drafting Professional Emails

by | Oct 31, 2022


Making a great first impression is crucial to finding a new job. You need to connect with hiring managers to help separate your applications from competitors. Knowing how to write a professional email can give you the edge you need to land an interview and, ultimately, your dream job. 


Before hitting send, it’s crucial to perfect the art of crafting email communication and learning how to write like a professional. Impress a potential employer with your email etiquette and demonstrate that you are not only qualified for an interview but also deserve one. 


The following tips are designed to ensure your success as you navigate the job search process. They will allow you to present yourself as the professional you are.


Understand Your Goal 

Part of being a professional is having a clear goal and the vision to accomplish it. Understanding that goal before you write an email allows you to identify your focus. Having a clear and concise message shows a potential employer that you can clearly communicate your ideas and prioritize tasks. 


The person who opens your email is likely short on time. Be respectful of that in your email by cutting out unnecessary content and getting straight to the point.


Thinking of yourself as a brand can help you identify your professional goals. Before effectively marketing yourself, you must understand who you are and what you can offer. You know you deserve your dream position. Becoming your own brand and reflecting those ideals in important emails shows your employer exactly what you can provide for their company.


Have a Strong Subject Line

Understanding your goal creates a clear picture for the rest of the email. Your subject line should reflect what you hope to accomplish in the email. Your potential employer will see the connection between the subject line and your overall goal of the email and know you’ve given this email a significant amount of thought. 


Make the subject line short and precise. A 2021 Email Client Market Share survey noted that 42% of emails are opened via mobile, leaving little room for subject lines. As part of the subject line, include the job title and one or two prominent keywords from the job description ad. 



Address Them Appropriately 

In addition to your strong subject line, you will need to address the recipient formally. Using a professional tone shows respect to the person receiving the email and demonstrates your professionalism. 


Use the recruiter’s name and ensure it is in the same format as where you found their contact information. This means including any gendered or neutral titles or honorifics. 


You should also use the first few lines of your email to explain where you found their contact information if you are sending an unsolicited email or an email in response to a job referral. 


Consider Your Word Choice

The body of your email is where you expand on your goal. Tell your potential employer exactly what you hope to accomplish through this interaction. Maintain professionalism through concise and deliberate language. The more to the point you are, the better. 


Using slang words or informal language can give the wrong impression. Avoid these mistakes by taking a formal approach that shows how invested you are in the job search and professional process. 


After addressing the recruiter, write a paragraph explaining your current position and contributions to that company. You can then explain how those skills can translate to the job you are applying for.


Invite Them to Respond 

You’ve spent time crafting the perfect professional email; now, it’s time to ask your potential employer to act. End your email with a call to action to read your attached resume, contact you, or set up a meeting. Your email closing should include a phone number to reach you. It is a good idea to clarify whether this is a work or personal number. 


Social media has changed what kind of contact information can be included. While adding your traditional contact information is excellent, you should also consider adding your social media, as employers will likely look you up. 


Using your platforms to highlight your professional and personal skills is the next step in continuing that great first impression your email started. 



Proofread, Edit, and Revise

This email may be the first interaction you have with the recipient. Make your email as professional as possible by rereading it to catch any errors. Research suggests that 77% of job applications are immediately rejected due to spelling and grammatical errors. 


Double-check spelling and grammar. Add paragraphs and necessary punctuation. Look at your sentence structure to ensure your message is as straightforward as possible. Take your time with this step. Writing an error-free email is a must. 


Templates for Success 

You can use a pre-designed email template to streamline the email writing process. There are plenty of free options to choose from that will professionally format your email. These templates can also act as a guide to show you precisely what you need to incorporate into your emails and feel competent in your abilities. 


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