What are the Best Customer Service Jobs?

by | Nov 19, 2021




Customer service workers are the face of a business and are responsible for helping customers navigate products and services. Customer service positions are becoming entry-level jobs in many companies, making these positions an important step toward long-term careers.


There are different kinds of customer service jobs with varying requirements and job responsibilities. Learn about the best customer service jobs and decide which one is right for you.




Jobs with Few Qualification Requirements


If you are looking for your first job or want to break into a new field, you may need to start with an entry-level position. This means the job does not require secondary education, or it provides on-the-job training rather than requiring relevant job experience. Either way, there are a lot of excellent customer service jobs that hire people without a lot of qualifications. 






Receptionists are responsible for answering phone calls, greeting guests, and providing information about the business to the public. If you are interested in specific companies, get a job as their receptionist to learn more about how they operate and share your passion with customers. 


Receptionist positions are growing at a rate of 4%, which is a bit slower than average. Despite this, receptionists are employed in nearly every industry, so there are a lot of job opportunities. The average pay for receptionists is $14.96 an hour. 


This job does not require secondary education. Technology skills necessary for a receptionist include word processing, email, and sometimes knowledge of accounting software. Soft skills are required for assisting customers. Soft skills include problem-solving, active listening, and reading comprehension. 




Customer Service Representative


Customer service representatives are needed in nearly every industry. They handle customer complaints, refunds, change of addresses, and other clerical tasks. You could perform this role at the front desk of a store as the face of a company or remotely as a call center representative for a larger corporation. 


The Bureau of Labor reports there will be 360,000 job openings each year for customer service representatives. The average pay for customer service representatives is $17.23 an hour. 


This position only requires a high-school education. Necessary customer service skills include soft skills and technological skills. Active listening and clear communication are necessary soft skills to answer questions consumers have. Customer relationship management software, such as Salesforce CRM, is a technology you will frequently work with.






Cashiers work in retail, restaurants, and grocery stores. They are in high demand during the holiday season. They process payments from customers purchasing goods and services. 


Cashiers often work part-time, which is great for people who need a flexible job. The average pay is $12.03 an hour, but the opportunities for overtime and holiday pay can increase wages during the holiday season.


Cashiers are not required to have any formal educational credentials. They must learn the cash register technology once on the job. Mathematics and problem-solving skills are helpful. 




Bank Teller 


Bank tellers work in banks and handle the day-to-day customer transactions. This involves cashing checks, monitoring the bank reserve, and using computer software to balance currencies. They work with Excel spreadsheets and accounting software frequently. Bank tellers report attention to detail and composure as important on-the-job skills.


The Bureau of Labor projects 33,700 bank teller job openings each year for the next ten years. The average pay of a bank teller is $15.68 an hour73% of bank teller positions only require a high school education. Bank tellers deal with the public constantly, so experience interacting with customers is advantageous. 


Working as a bank teller is a fantastic option if you’re looking for a way to break into the financial sector as a career path. This entry-level position is full of learning opportunities and chances to build connections with other departments. Because banks are large corporations, there are often opportunities to transfer internally as you progress in your career. 




High Paying Customer Service Jobs


There are plenty of jobs available for those looking to build a career around customer service. These customer service roles have more qualification requirements than other jobs. If you are willing to invest in yourself to qualify for these jobs, your hard work will pay off. 




Computer Support Specialists


Computer support specialists provide technical support to businesses and individuals. This high-paying customer service job requires a wide range of computer skills. Computer support specialists usually specialize in computer user support or computer network support. 


Job opportunities for computer support specialists are expected to grow 9% in the next ten years. The average pay for a computer user specialist is $26.69 an hour. The average computer network support specialist makes $31.47 hourly.


The educational requirements for computer support specialists vary. Some form of secondary education is always necessary, but a bachelor’s degree is not always required. Computer support specialists need to discern technological problems from the customer’s experience. This requires specific technical knowledge and active listening skills. 




Automotive Service Advisor


Automotive service advisors assist individuals who bring their cars to maintenance shops for work. Their job is to act as a liaison between mechanics and the car owner. They advise customers on what their car needs while keeping the owner’s concerns and questions in mind.


A quick job search will result in service adviser job openings at car dealerships, mechanic shops, and tire companies. Automotive service advisers’ median wage is $21 an hour


Automotive service advisers often need secondary education in automotive technology programs. A lot of automotive service advisers were once automotive technicians. They need an understanding of different car types and their components to make accurate recommendations to customers. They also need to be clear communicators and good listeners. 




Find Customer Service Jobs Near You


There are numerous customer service jobs for interested applicants, from client services in technology to being a receptionist for your favorite company. There are plenty of options for both first-time job seekers and applicants with years of experience. Don’t wait to start your next job and further your career.


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