Career Categories A-Z

by | Nov 14, 2021

While sometime you know exactly what is your job title, on many occasions you want a similar category but a different job or you just want to look around a list of jobs that might contain the job you couldn’t think of. For the ladder the below list of job categories sorted from A – Z will be very useful.

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A Accommodation warden
A Accountant- Management
A Accountant- Private practice
A Accountant- Public finance
A Accounting
A Accounting technician
A Accounts assistant
A Actor
A Actuary
A Acupuncturist
A Administrative Assistant
A Administrative assistant
A Administrative officer (courts)
A Advertising account executive
A Advertising account planner
A Advertising copywriter
A Advocate
A Advocate’s clerk
A Aerospace engineer
A Agricultural consultant
A Agricultural engineer
A Air cabin crew
A Air Traffic Controller
A Air traffic controller
A Aircraft maintenance engineer
A Airline customer service agent
A Airport baggage handler
A Airport information assistant
A Alternative therapies
A Ambulance technician
A Anatomical pathology technician
A Animal care worker
A Animal technician
A Animals, land and environment
A Archaeologist
A Architect
A Architectural technician
A Architectural technologist
A Architecture
A Archivist
A Armed Security
A Army officer
A Army soldier
A Aromatherapist
A Art
A Art gallery curator
A Art therapist
A Arts administrator
A Assistance dog trainer
A Astronomer
A Athletic Trainer
A Audio Engineering
A Audiologist
A Audio-visual technician
A Automotive
A Automotive engineer
A Aviation
B Baker
B Bank
B Bank manager
B Bank Teller
B Banking customer service adviser
B Bar person
B Bartender
B Beauty consultant
B Beauty therapist
B Big data engineer
B Biochemist
B Bioinformatics
B Biologist
B Biomedical scientist
B Biotechnologist
B Biotechnology
B Blacksmith
B Boat builder
B Body piercer
B Bookkeeper
B Bookkeeping
B Bookseller
B Border Force officer or assistant officer
B Botanist
B Brewery worker
B Bricklayer
B Broadcast engineer
B Broadcast journalist
B Builders’ merchant
B Building services engineer
B Building standards officer (local authority)
B Building surveyor
B Building technician
B Bus or coach driver
B Business
B Business Analyst
B Business analyst
B Business continuity specialist
B Business Development
B Business development manager
B Business Management
B Butcher
C Cabinet maker
C CAD technician
C Cake decorator
C Call centre operator
C Car rental agent
C Car salesperson
C Car valet
C Care home practitioner
C Care service manager
C Care support worker
C Careers adviser
C Caregiver
C Caretaker
C Carpentry
C Carpet fitter or floor layer
C Cartographer
C Catering
C Catering manager
C Cavity insulation installer
C CCTV operator
C Cemetery worker
C Ceramics designer or maker
C Charity fundraiser
C Chef
C Chef
C Chemical engineer
C Chemical Engineering
C Chemical engineering technician
C Chemical plant process operator
C Chemist
C Child Care
C Childminder
C Chiropractor
C Choreographer
C Cio
C Civil enforcement officer
C Civil engineer
C Civil Engineering
C Civil engineering technician
C Civil service administrative officer
C Civil service executive officer
C Classical musician
C Classroom assistant
C Cleaner
C Cleaning
C Clerk of works
C Climate Scientist
C Clinical engineer
C Clinical perfusionist
C Clinical psychologist
C CNC programmer
C Coastguard
C Commercial energy assessor
C Commissioning editor
C Community arts worker
C Community development worker
C Community education coordinator
C Company secretary
C Compliance officer
C Computer
C Computer service and repair technician
C Computer Technician
C Computing and ICT
C Conference and exhibition organiser
C Conservator
C Construction
C Construction and building
C Construction operative
C Construction plant mechanic
C Construction plant operator
C Consulting
C Copy editor
C Costume designer
C Counselling psychologist
C Counsellor
C Counselor
C Counter service assistant
C Countryside officer
C Countryside ranger
C Courier
C Courier
C Court officer
C Creative
C Credit manager
C Crematorium technician
C Criminal intelligence analyst
C Criminal Justice
C Customer Service
C Customer service adviser
C Customs officer
C Cycle mechanic
D Dance movement psychotherapist
D Dance teacher
D Dancer
D Data analyst
D Data Entry
D Data scientist
D Database administrator
D Delivery
D Demolition operative
D Dental Assistant
D Dental Hygienist
D Dental hygienist
D Dental nurse
D Dental technician
D Dental therapist
D Dentist
D Design engineer
D Design, arts and crafts
D Dietitian
D Digital strategist
D Diplomatic service officer
D Dishwasher
D Dispatcher
D Dispatcher
D Dispensing optician
D Distillery manager
D District nurse
D Diver- specialist
D Doctor- GP
D Dog groomer
D Dog handler
D Domestic energy assessor
D Dramatherapist
D Dressmaker
D Drilling engineer
D Driving
D Driving examiner
D Driving instructor
D Dry liner
D Dynamic positioning operator
E Early years practitioner
E Early years teacher
E Ecologist
E Economic development officer
E Economist
E Economist
E Editing
E Education
E Education and training
E EFL teacher
E Electrical engineer
E Electrical engineering technician
E Electrician
E Electricity distribution worker
E Electronics engineer
E Electronics engineering technician
E Emergency call handler
E Emergency medical dispatcher
E Energy engineer
E Engineering
E Engineering
E Engineering maintenance technician
E Engineering operative
E Entertainer
E Entry Level Marketing
E Environmental consultant
E Environmental health officer
E Environmental Science
E Ergonomist
E Estate agent
E Ethical hacker
E European Union official
E Event Coordinator
E Events manager
E Executive Assistant
E Exercise Physiology
E Exhibition designer
F Facilities and property services
F Factory
F Farm manager
F Farm worker
F Farrier
F Fashion designer
F Fashion model
F Fence installer
F Finance
F Finance analyst
F Financial adviser
F Financial services
F Firefighter
F Firefighter
F Fish farm worker
F Fishing vessel skipper
F Fitness instructor
F Flight attendant
F Flight dispatcher
F Florist
F Food
F Food packaging operative
F Food scientist or food technologist
F Footballer
F Forensic computer analyst
F Forensic psychologist
F Forensic scientist
F Forest officer
F Forest worker
F Forklift truck operator
F Freelance
F Freight forwarder
F French polisher
F Front Desk
F Funeral director
F Furniture designer
F Further education lecturer
G Game designer
G Gamekeeper
G Games developer
G Games tester
G Garage services
G Garment technologist
G Gas service technician
G General labor
G General practice surveyor
G Geneticist
G Geographical information systems (GIS) Officer
G Geoscientist
G Glassmaker
G Glazier
G Government
G Graphic design
G Graphic designer
G Greenkeeper
H Hairdresser
H Hairdressing and beauty
H Health promotion specialist
H Health psychologist
H Health records clerk
H Health service manager
H Health visitor
H Healthcare
H Healthcare
H Healthcare Management
H Heating and ventilation engineer
H Helpdesk professional
H Heritage, culture and libraries
H Highways cleaner
H Homeopath
H Horse groom
H Horse riding coach
H Horticultural worker
H Hospital
H Hospital doctor
H Hospital porter
H Hospitality
H Hospitality, catering and tourism
H Hotel porter
H Hotel receptionist
H Housekeeping
H Housekeeping assistant
H Housing officer
H Human Resources
H Human resources adviser
H Hypnotherapist
I Illustrator
I Image consultant
I Immigration officer
I Indexer
I Industrial Design
I Industrial Engineering
I Infrastructure engineer
I Insurance
I Insurance account manager
I Insurance broker
I Insurance claims handler
I Insurance loss adjuster
I Insurance risk surveyor
I Insurance underwriter
I Interior design
I Interior designer
I Internet
I Interpreter
I Interpreter
I Investigator
I Investment analyst
I Investment banker
I IT project analyst
I IT support technician
I IT trainer
J Janitorial
J Jewellery designer-maker
J Jockey
J Joiner
J Judge or sheriff
K Kitchen manager (head chef)
K Kitchen porter
L Laboratory technician
L Land surveyor
L Landscape architect
L Landscaper
L Languages
L Lawyer
L Leakage operative
L Learning support assistant
L Learning technologist
L Legal
L Legal and court services
L Leisure centre manager
L Librarian
L Library assistant
L Lifeguard
L Lighting technician
L Literacies tutor
L Literary agent
L Local government administrative assistant
L Local government officer
L Local government revenues officer
L Locksmith
L Logistics
M Machine learning engineer
M Machine printer
M Machinist
M Magazine journalist
M Maintenance
M Make-up artist
M Management
M Management consultant
M Manufacturing
M Manufacturing and production
M Marine biologist
M Marine engineer
M Market research data analyst
M Market research executive
M Market research interviewer
M Marketing
M Marketing manager
M Materials engineer
M Materials technician
M Mechanic
M Mechanic
M Mechanical engineer
M Mechanical Engineering
M Mechanical engineering technician
M Media
M Media researcher
M Medical
M Medical Assistant
M Medical Billing
M Medical illustrator
M Medical physicist
M Medical Receptionist
M Medical sales representative
M Medical secretary
M Medical transcription
M Member of Parliament (MP)
M Merchant navy deck officer
M Merchant navy engineering officer
M Merchant navy rating
M Meteorologist
M Microbiologist
M Midwife
M Military
M Model maker
M Motor vehicle body repairer
M Motor vehicle parts person
M Museum assistant
M Museum curator
M Music promotions manager
M Music teacher
M Music therapist
M Musical instrument maker or repairer
N Nail technician
N Nanny
N Naturopath
N Naval architect
N Network manager
N Neuroscientist
N Newspaper journalist
N Newspaper or magazine editor
N Nonprofit
N Nuclear engineer
N Nurse- Adult
N Nurse- Child
N Nurse- Learning Disability
N Nurse- Mental Health
N Nursery manager
N Nursing
N Nursing home
O Occupational psychologist
O Occupational therapist
O Occupational therapy support worker
O Oceanographer
O Office
O Office assistant
O Office equipment service technician
O Offshore drilling worker
O Offshore medic
O Offshore roustabout
O Offshore service technician
O Online
O Online seller
O Operating department practitioner
O Operational researcher
O Optometrist
O Orthoptist
O Osteopath
O Outdoor activities instructor
P Painter and decorator
P Paralegal
P Paralegal
P Parole Officer
P Part Time
P Patent attorney
P Pathologist
P Payroll administrator
P Performing arts and media
P Personal Trainer
P Personal trainer
P Pest control technician
P Pharmaceutical Sales
P Pharmacist
P Pharmacist
P Pharmacologist
P Pharmacy technician
P Pharmacy technician
P Phlebotomist
P Photographer
P Photographic stylist
P Photography
P Physical education
P Physician
P Physician assistant
P Physicist
P Physiotherapist
P Physiotherapy assistant
P Picture framer
P Pilot
P Pilot- Airline
P Pilot- Helicopter
P Pipefitter
P Planning and development surveyor
P Plasterer
P Play therapist
P Playworker
P Plumber
P Plumbing
P Podiatrist
P Police Officer
P Police officer
P Pop musician
P Postal delivery worker
P Practice nurse
P Print and publishing, marketing and advertising
P Prison governor
P Prison officer
P Private investigator
P Private Security
P Procurator fiscal
P Product designer
P Production manager (manufacturing)
P Production worker (manufacturing)
P Project Management
P Project manager
P Proofreading
P Prop maker
P Prosthetist-orthotist
P Psychotherapist
P Public Relations
P Public relations officer
P Purchasing manager
Q Quality Assurance
Q Quality assurance officer
Q Quality control technician
Q Quality manager
Q Quantity surveyor
Q Quarry engineer
R Radio broadcast assistant
R Radiographer
R RAF airman or airwoman
R RAF officer
R Rail engineering technician
R Real Estate
R Receptionist
R Receptionist
R Recruitment consultant
R Recycling operative
R Reflexologist
R Refrigeration and air conditioning engineer
R Refuse collector
R Reporter to the Children’s Panel
R Research Assistant
R Resort representative
R Restaurant
R Restaurant manager
R Retail
R Retail and customer services
R Retail jeweller
R Retail management
R Retail manager
R Risk management
R Road transport manager
R Road worker
R Roadie
R Roadside technician
R Robotics engineer
R Roofer
R ROV pilot technician
R Royal Marines commando
R Royal Marines officer
R Royal Navy officer
R Royal Navy rating
R Rural surveyor
S Sales
S Sales assistant
S Sales manager
S Sales Representative
S Sales representative
S Satellite systems technician
S Scaffolder
S Scenes of crime officer
S Science
S Science, mathematics and statistics
S Secretary
S Secretary
S Security
S Security officer
S Security, uniformed and protective services
S Service Designer
S Set designer
S Sewing machinist
S Sheriff officer
S Shopfitter
S Signwriter
S Smart meter installer
S Social sciences and religion
S Software developer
S Software Engineer
S Software engineer
S Solicitor
S Solution architect
S Sound designer
S Speech and language therapist
S Sport and exercise psychologist
S Sport and exercise scientist
S Sport and leisure
S Sports development officer
S Sports Marketing
S Sports professional
S Sports therapist
S SSPCA inspector
S Stage manager
S Stagehand
S Statistician
S Sterile services technician
S Stockbroker
S Stonemason
S Store detective
S Structural engineer
S Student
S Studio sound engineer
S Stunt performer
S Sub-editor
S Surgeon
S Swimming teacher or coach
S Systems analyst
T Tailor
T Tattooist
T Tax inspector
T Taxi driver
T Teacher
T Teacher- Primary School
T Teacher- Secondary School
T Teacher- Secondary School- Art and Design
T Teacher- Secondary School- Biology
T Teacher- Secondary School- Business Studies
T Teacher- Secondary School- Chemistry
T Teacher- Secondary school- Computing
T Teacher- Secondary school- Design and technology
T Teacher- Secondary School- Drama
T Teacher- Secondary School- English
T Teacher- Secondary School- Gaelic
T Teacher- Secondary School- Geography
T Teacher- Secondary School- History
T Teacher- Secondary School- Home Economics
T Teacher- Secondary School- Mathematics
T Teacher- Secondary School- Modern Languages
T Teacher- Secondary School- Modern Studies
T Teacher- Secondary School- Music
T Teacher- Secondary School- Physical Education
T Teacher- Secondary School- Physics
T Teacher- Secondary School- Religious Education
T Technical author
T Technical brewer
T Technical writing
T Technician
T Technology
T Telecommunications
T Telecoms engineer
T Telemarketing
T Teller
T Textile designer
T Textile technologist
T Thermal insulation engineer
T Toolmaker
T Tour manager
T Tourist guide
T Tourist information centre assistant
T Town planner
T Town planning support staff
T Track maintenance operative
T Trade union official
T Trading standards officer
T Train conductor
T Train driver
T Train station staff
T Training
T Training manager
T Training officer
T Translator
T Translator
T Transport, distribution and logistics
T Tree surgeon
T Truck driver
T TV or film assistant director
T TV or film camera operator
T TV or film director
T TV or film producer
T TV or film production assistant
T TV or film sound technician
T TV presenter
T TV production runner
T Typing
T Tyre or exhaust fitter
U User experience (UX) designer
V Vehicle spray painter
V Veterinarian
V Veterinary nurse
V Veterinary surgeon
V VFX artist
V Video editor
V Virtual reality designer
V Visual merchandiser
V Volunteer
W Waitress
W Wall and floor tiler
W Wardrobe assistant
W Warehouse
W Warehouse operative
W Waste management
W Water treatment technician
W Web developer
W Web developer
W Web editor
W Welder
W Welding
W Welfare rights officer
W Wind turbine technician
W Window cleaner
W Window fitter
W Wine merchant
W Writer
Y Yoga teacher
Z Zookeeper
Z Zoologist

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