Let the Job Offers Come to You

by | Sep 27, 2021


It can take hours of searching for work online, editing cover letters and resumes, and preparing for job interviews for job seekers. However, you can go above and beyond in your job search and stand out from other candidates to save you time and energy. These tips can help you find a job offer delivered directly to your email or phone.


1. Decide on the Kind of Job You want


To receive an offer letter after a long interview process can make a big difference in your career success. However, before you accept an offer, it is important that you are open to negotiating, asking for more, and/or rejecting an offer that does not meet your salary expectations.



You should identify the kinds of jobs you desire by figuring out your minimum salary and any other job requirements you have. You may want more paid time off for a better work-life balance or bonuses for meeting sales goals. These can be helpful for focusing your job search and preparing for job offer negotiations. 





2. Create a Personal Website


A website allows you to show off your industry knowledge online, network with hiring managers and potential employers, and let your network know what you’ve accomplished. It can be structured in the following ways: 



  • A short summary of all the work you’ve done throughout your career and speak about which skill sets are useful to your industry.
  • Examples of your work such as a marketing campaign if you are in marketing. 
  • Links to your professional social media profiles, including LinkedIn. You can also include a link to your portfolio or blog that shows your best work. 



3. Use LinkedIn to Your Advantage


LinkedIn can help you find people employed at your companies of interest. You can reach out to these employees, asking about their line of work, the projects they are working on, and the company culture to determine if you would be a good fit for them.



You can expand your LinkedIn connections’ reach by liking and re-sharing their updates to your network. It’s sure to make an impression on someone in case a job opening opens at one of these companies so that you might get a job interview resulting in an official job offer.





4. Remember to Follow Up After Job Interviews


Employers are always looking for the next great hire, so don’t wait and lose out on other jobs. Maintaining a spreadsheet with the dates of each job interview will help you stay organized in your search.



If you have sent a thank you note and you haven’t heard from them after at least a week, you can send a follow-up email that expresses how excited and grateful you are to have the chance to work with the employer. By doing so, you are demonstrating your goodwill and showing an employer that you still qualify as a candidate.



5. Be Ready to Negotiate Your Job Offer


Some employers will give you a phone call to let you know that you have a job offer. If you receive it over the phone, you can thank them and ask them when you will be sent an email with the offer in writing. Having a written offer can help you review the start date, what you expect to receive in your salary, and other benefits before starting negotiations. 



Before accepting a job offer from the hiring manager, you can explain what you would miss out on if you left your job now and how much money someone in your industry makes in a similar position. You can give them evidence to back up what you are saying. The more sincere and friendly you are in what you say, the more likely they are to negotiate your offer of employment.



Sign Up for Email Alerts With Jobs Fuel


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