Revamping Your Resume for the Holiday Season

by | Nov 1, 2021



If you’re seeking new job opportunities, the holiday season is the ideal time to get your foot in the door, with many businesses experiencing their busiest days from Black Friday through New Year’s Day.


Ensure your resume captures the attention of hiring managers by showcasing your relevant skills and experience in an easy-to-read format. 




Why Apply for Holiday Season Jobs?


Seasonal jobs have provided an increasing number of new positions since 2008, with roughly 525 thousand seasonal workers finding employment during the 2017 holiday season. While these jobs are only temporary, often resulting in layoffs following the holidays in January and February, seasonal jobs offer many benefits:


  • Gain additional experience 
  • Build up your resume 
  • Extra money or access to discounts
  • Allows you to test out a new career option 


These roles are great for high school or college students looking to gain real-world experience over the winter break or professionals seeking a part-time side-hustle for extra cash. Finding seasonal holiday work near you is easy with’s simple job search tool. 




How to Revamp Your Holiday Season Resume


A job-winning resume should reflect many of the details outlined in the job description. Emphasize any work experience, certifications, or specific skills you have that match the job description.




Highlight work experience


Relevant work experience is the most common requirement for seasonal jobs. While prior experience in the same role isn’t always necessary, you should include any past positions with similar skills. 


Use a relevance-based organization format to highlight the most important aspects of your work experience. List your work history with the most relevant employment experience at the top. 


Under each job, include a bullet point with soft skills that were integral to the position. Soft skills include communication, teamwork, conflict resolution, and other qualities that cannot be easily learned. Soft skills are harder to teach, which is why they are so valuable to employers. 




Certifications and education


Seasonal retail work, warehouse work, and package delivery rarely require secondary education. However, if you have taken relevant courses in high school or a post-secondary institution, including them will give you an edge over the competition. 


Don’t forget that some positions, like those in warehouses, may require you to obtain safety certifications as part of the necessary qualifications or training. If you have completed an OSHA-approved course for operating powered industrial trucks, include that under your education subheading. 





Keep your format simple


A clean, simple resume allows important information to grab the hiring manager’s attention. Limit your resume to one page unless you have a significant amount of relevant experience. Avoid using multiple fonts, ink colors, or font sizes, which can make your resume appear cluttered and disorganized. 


Use bold, underline, and italicize tools minimally to emphasize important information. Keep the margins and spaces uniform throughout the resume and do not include large blocks of text; break up dense sections with bullets. 



Secure a Holiday Job With Your Revamped Holiday Resume


Armed with a resume that emphasizes your experience, skills and reflects the requirements outlined in the job description, you’re ready to apply for the holiday season job you want. Thousands of available jobs are listed on, and with the help of our informational blogs, your seasonal employment opportunity is just around the corner.