4 Ways to Become an Indispensable Remote Employee

by | Jan 11, 2022

The number of remote work-from-home jobs has grown exponentially in the last 20 years. Future predictions claim that remote worker positions will continue to grow, representing 52% of the workforce in 2022


While there are numerous benefits to working from home, including no commute and better work-life balance, working from home presents several challenges. Due to the distance and lack of interaction, it can be difficult to grow your career and move up the corporate ladder. 


There are several simple ways to set yourself apart from your remote co-workers and become an indispensable employee. This can guarantee long-term job security and a future with your current company.




1. Volunteer to Take on More Responsibility 


Supervisors take notice of employees who go out of their way to be helpful. If you finish your tasks quickly, make a great impression by taking on additional work.


You may also offer assistance to co-workers who struggle with their workload or are behind on their tasks. Taking the initiative to help demonstrates that you’re a team player with an excellent work ethic.


If you have your eye on a promotion, learn about the roles and responsibilities of the position you want to fill. Then make an effort to learn about these tasks and perform them when available.


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2. Demonstrate Productivity 


If you want to be indispensable as a remote employee, you must maintain or exceed your work productivity. 


Get into the habit of creating a work routine, just as you would at the office. While it may be tempting to go to work in the clothes you wore to bed, getting dressed in professional attire can increase your motivation and focus.


Having a dedicated workspace can also help boost your productivity. Avoid doing home or leisure activities, like watching Netflix or cleaning, during work hours. Even when working remotely, keeping regular work hours can separate your work life from your home life and help you maintain a balance.


You should also set boundaries with family and friends to avoid disruptions. If you’re at the office, hang up a do not disturb sign or lock the door to keep everyone out while you’re on the clock.


A routine is crucial for helping you navigate the challenges of working from home. If you work out of your house while keeping your kids home, you’ll need to balance parenting and working. 


Ensure you take short breaks throughout the day to make your workday feel a bit more normal. Go for a short walk outside or do a quick chore. You could play a game or read a book with your child or make a brief phone call. The isolation of being in the same place for work and living, with no co-workers for interaction, can lead to loneliness. 


Despite the challenges of working from home, multiple studies show that many workers experience increased productivity after switching to a WFH (work from home) model. 



3. Establish Trust With Your Supervisor 


Establishing a strong connection with your supervisor is another way to become indispensable. Your boss should be able to rely on you without micromanaging your actions. Ways to build trust and impress your supervisor revolve around your work ethic.


Becoming dependable means your name is one of the first your boss will recall when there’s a task or problem to do. And your name will be closer to the top of the list when it’s time for promotions or raises.


Turning assignments in on time and completed accurately is another excellent way to build trust. By doing work correctly and sticking to deadlines, you’re proving to your boss that you have a strong work ethic.  


Signing in on time every day is another easy but powerful move. When you arrive on time, you’re showing dedication to your job. Your boss will know they can count on you to handle emergency tasks and will have a greater reliance on your skills.


Not being in a rush to stop working is another way to become an indispensable remote employee. By offering to work extra hours, you stand out from other employees. 





4. Be a Clear Communicator 


Working remotely offers a unique set of challenges, many based on communication. It can be tricky to understand instructions or intent through a written brief. 


You have to be open to multiple forms of communication when working remotely. And you have to be available at all times during your work hours to handle emergencies.


To be a more efficient remote employee, learn to communicate effectively through emails, forums, and private chats. 


But you also need to be proficient in conducting voice calls, whether it’s over the phone or through an internet service like Skype or Zoom. Or you may need to do video chats, in which case your appearance is crucial to convey professionalism. 


Approximately 70% of remote workers claim that attending virtual versus in-person meetings is more stressful. The leading causes cited are missing out on nonverbal cues and difficulty identifying the speaker.  


Because your boss can’t pop into your office at random, you can stand out by providing regular updates throughout the day. Or you can send updates on tasks completed or in progress. 


You can also share access to your work, allowing your supervisor to check in on your progress throughout the day. Sharing access is also necessary for instant collaborations.




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As more companies use remote workers, it becomes crucial to know how to market your skills for WFH. Without supervision or monitoring from a supervisor, working independently takes dedication and self-discipline.  


If WFH is an integral part of your future, now is an excellent time to make the switch to remote work. Find your dream WFH job at JobsFuel.com today.